Monday, January 27, 2014

Saturday Ride

Having  fun with the rear and front recorders.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

We Rode But For Now

For now, too excited about driving Gina's new car around town so the Saturday vid will have to wait till Monday. I got a raise at work and Gina had been bugging me about getting myself a new Tahoe. Yes, I am very tempted but seeing as she really wanted a CX9 when she bought her CX7, I told her let's see what we could work out cause the dealer had been bugging us about trading it in for a new car. The CX7 is only 2 years old but the thought of a CX9 is nice cause that is what she wanted form the start. So better interest rates made it possible to get the CX( for only 50 bucks more a month. OK so if I don't really need and want to get a new payment for myself, I figure 50 m ore  month and with my raise, it's more than covered!

So here it is, the new ride! Gina is very happy and once again I am the good husband ha ha ha ha! OF course Gina is a great wife and a great friend and she more than deserves to have what she wants! :-)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yeah Buddy More Toys!

I picked up a handle bar K Edge mount a few weeks ago. I really like it so I gave some thought to the rear saddle rail mount. Talking with Louie on Sunday's ride, he informed me about the next Sikad Ng Bayan ride and asked me to take some pics for him on the ride. Cool, you know I'll make a video too! So after the ride Gina said I ought to get one, who am I to argue? I looked on Amazon and at a good price, I ordered. I placed the order on Monday night, received an order notice Tues morn and received the part in the Mail on Wed. Wow! Free shipping too, can;'t beat that so the cost was good as can be!

                                                               Toys, more toys! :-P

                                          Yeah Buddy! Just installed a new chain and cassette!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Taco Ride

Wow, where do I begin? I think we saw everybody this weekend, OK not everybody but lots of good people. Had a good chat and some laughs with Ray Clone and Ron (Dixie hung with Gina and friends). They told us about Chronic Taco on Saturday so we hit it up on Sunday. Tasty stuff! Ran into the other Jose who we hadn't seen in a while. New babies do that to riders ha ha!. Rode with Mark and Gail, Tammy and Alan.

Met Louie and Ben at Edna Park getting ready for the Sikad Ng Bayan ride again this April, check it out! Met JohnR on his Sunday commute, a nice hello. Alex was at the coast, and a few others rode by. We did meet up again with Dave. Feel bad cause I didn't remember him right away. I thought we met a couple years back but Gina said it was only a few months. Wow I am losing it ha ha! I do remember now, he heard my name in a group ride with some bent riders, now I remember the story ha ha! Oh well, old age is getting to me! :-P

Some words with the people we meet on the trail!

The ride video


                                Is she wearing a seat belt on a bike, or my eyes just deceiving me? :-P

                                                               Tammy and Alan

Saturday, January 11, 2014

SART 1/11/13

Video talking with friends on this day is on the post above (Taco Ride)


                                                              Ron & Dixie action shot ha ha!

                                                             Ray Clone action shot

                                                 Bad Ass Mark and his tracheotomy

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday SART Short Ride

First let me say, Mark is a BADASS! Some time back it was discovered that he had a cancerous tumor on his vocal chords. I read his email and wished him well during his time but I will probably get all the exact details wrong but fact is, the dude had cancer and now his BADASS is back on the bike. Sporting a  tracheotomy he's riding! :-O

He started riding little by little and has now built up to his longest ride since the surgery, 30 miles on this day! Wow, the things people overcome to ride their bikes and enjoy life. Once again I am impressed and more reason to avoid those cry babies that whine about having disadvantages on the bike, like big shoulders, big feet, or a fat head ha ha! Too many people with too many excuses! Mark is just living proof that if there is a will, there is a way to enjoy life, quit crying ha ha!

Gina rode on Saturday but skipped Sunday. I don't blame her, it was rough getting back on the bike after nearly a month and being sick. Yeah, I know, I'm crying now but hey, I rode my bike! :-P

This weekend was spent riding with Aimee and Jose. Then a bit on the return with Greg and Bad Bob. I was worried about Sunday but heck, I sucked wheel all day Sunday and it felt good ha ha ha!

I included both days in the one video.

I have Mark's picture in the post below but it's worth a second look!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

First Ride of the New Year

Few pics for now, story and video later time.