Monday, June 15, 2015

A local and friend who frequents SART started a forum some time back. He just told me about it on Sunday. I told him give me the name, I'll post something. So I did today ha ha! I think I may be the only one who has posted but hey, it's start. He said if I liked, he would even put a Mr. Beanz section ha ha! That's cool but I'll just post in the road bike section for now. He's now putting out some electric bikes so I'm figuring this is why he started the forum. Had to register then wait for confirmation because he has had a ton of spammers taking up his pages so one has to understand his point. Any way, I'll post some stuff there too! :-P


  1. Hey Mr. Beanz, I added a third climb for my ride today in recognition of your 3 trips up San Dimas Ave climb yesterday. Thanks for the motivation you guys. I had a great day of riding.
    Do me a favor Mr. Beanz, try not to do 4 trips up San Dimas anytime soon, lol.

    1. Ha ha ha Jimbo! Gina got a good laugh out of your comment. Milton has been trying to talk Gina into a 4th time up the hill for a while. :-P