Sunday, September 27, 2015

Weekend Rides w/ Son in Law

Saturday ride video. A chat with David, shot chat with Mark and some riding with Alex.

YT says cannot be viewed on mobile devices, that sucks!

Pretty cool weekend!  I was surprised as my SIL sent a text Friday night asking if he could ride with us. He and my daughter live in Ridge Crest, 2+ hour drive. OK! We had planned to ride the tandem so we stuck with the plan. SIL David commutes about 16 miles per day but has never done anything over 25'ish miles. He was worried that he might not keep up the entire distance. I told him I though he could if he took our wheel. So we headed out and wow, he was pretty darn good.  I was surprised as he has ZERO experience riding with a group or another rider. At one point he was doing so well that he offered to take the front, cool!

He was very steady and held a straight line so it was easy to stay on his wheel. Which is much harder on a tandem. Don't believe me, ask Ron  (of Ron & Dixie). It's real tough when you have a rider ahead of you open even the smallest of gaps. You know you have to respond and do but the stoker (person in back) has no idea so it's almost a solo effort on a double bike. It hurts! Ron has the same thoughts on this issue so I know it's not just me! :-P

On the return David got in front and lifted the pace. Pretty good for someone at 35 miles who has never done anything more. My legs were getting fried at this point so I was happy it was almost over. We finished the 44 miler with a 17.6 average.

He asked me what was faster, the tandem or singles? Well, for Gina, we are a little faster on SART. On the local climbs 4% grades, faster for Gina on the tandem. As for me, the tandem is a tad bit slower on SART and much slower on the climbs. I think Gina has her feet up in the back at times! :-P

Well Sunday came and David agreed to a second ride before they left town. This time Jose would join us, Mike for a 10 mile stretch.  No Gina this time so I had a free pass to lift the pace if possible. but I wasn't sure ha ha! My legs were still feeling a little toasty.

Today I would rotate with the other riders. I usually pull the first 25, sometimes the entire 44 but today, I wanted to enjoy the draft! So we rotated then at one point some dude (LAST RIDER FIRST PICTURE) decided to sprint around after having sucked wheel for like 10 miles. We were all rotating but when this dude got to second position, he decided he was bad as sand sprinted around, loser!

Mike was on the front just then. We let the guy go sticking to our ride plan. About 1 mile later we could still see the dude and I think Mike said "F" that guy!" then lifted the pace. Holy smokes we were flying! Not long after that we blew right by the guy and dropped his ass like a hot potato. Well that is what he gets ha ha!

So then David, Jose and I headed to the coast. Still rotating we were holding a decent pace. I almost felt like I was cheating at the back ha ha! But hey, I wanted to see what the big deal was drafting. At the coast we ran into Joaquin and his buddy Eduardo. they were doing a short 20 miler but we decided to head back with them. Holy smokes, Joaquin got in front and held a pretty good pace. I wasn't really sure if I could hold on at this point. I saw speeds of 22, 23, and 24. Btu somehow I managed to keep my legs spinning and held on.  Then he finally pulled off and it was David at the front. He was still rolling pretty good and I was kind of actually wondering if I would be OK when it was my turn. I finally relaxed and when it was my turn I hit it! I saw speeds of 22 and 23 so I was good. I finished my pull then Jose went up. We kept a good pace then Joaquin and Eduardo pulled off at Edna Park (10 mile stretch). Jose rode with us for another 1/2 mile then turned off too. I saw that our average was at 18.0. Dammit David, we need to hold this 18 for the next 2 miles back to the truck. I got in front to hold it. Somehow I managed to kick it up somewhere cause the average went up to 18.1 That's enough for me, good ride!

David was kind of bummed after Saturday's ride because he would have ridden SART without any PR's. Little did he know he would be back out on Sunday. So he has about 50 PR's and I ended up with about 22 PR's! My favorite north bridge to bridge was a PR at 22.9 average for the 7.3 mile return segment. 18.1 average for the 44 mile ride. Yeah baby!

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