Saturday, October 10, 2015

Freakin' HOT Gina Birthday Miles!

53 miles as a birthday ride for Gina. Just us too today. Found rather quickly we were a couple of the very few out there today. While riding I saw my Garmin rise to 108 on the bike. Got home and plugged in to see the numbers!  Checked out the weather channel and saw it was 103 today.

Poor Gina really suffered. Half way through the ride I offered to call it quits but she said no, we've come this far!

It was hot, arms fatigued and hard breathing but we got it done. It was like riding in slow motion but we got it done. Gina is such a trooper! 

I had a little fun as she let me splash her down a few times along the way!


Cancer awareness jersey came in the mail today. Not bad, $39. Gina will find something pink to wear on the tandem with me. @XL is the biggest they had. A little snug but OK. Motivation to drop another 10 pounds! That is a gathering at the belly, not my fat belly button ha ha!

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