Sunday, November 15, 2015

Freakin Wind Fo' Sho!

Well a 50 mile ride today (17.6 MPH average) with Mike David​. Few stills from the video, I should have a video at a later date. Gina sat out today so we figured we would do a fast ride. Mike saw Me show up with David and he said, "Now I know we are in for a fast ride!". Well we tried. We had a pretty good average at one point but then headed into a monster headwind before reaching the beach. We thought we were in for a good 18 MPH maybe more average. But the wind slowed us down and when we turned back expecting a big tailwind, it was almost as bad as the headwind on the way to the beach ha ha! The wind was blowing real hard at the beach. Mike and David took their helmets off and with the way the wind was blowing, good thing neither one of them has hair he he he! :-P

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