Monday, July 31, 2017

No Ride Sunday, Pictures

Well, couldn't ride since we had to travel out of town to watch Franki our granddaughter in a play. She got a singing part and to our amazement (the other night) she opened her mouth and this beautiful voice just flowed out! Where the heck did that come from? I have another granddaughter that sings really well too and we knew about that one. But Franki tried to sing with her a couple years back and though she sounded OK, not like the other granddaughter Trinity.

But she opened her mouth the other day and it was jaw dropping! Wow! I know she didn't get that from me ha ha!

But anyway, she had a part singing in a play and all went well. She can act too ha ha!

Still early after the play, I had some good sunlight to take a few pictures. Out of costume but she's too pretty to hide in a costume anyway ha ha!

                                                                  She has my eyes! :-P

Flowers after her performance.

Got to get my Mother in there to show I don't discriminate against old people ha ha!

Messing with color stuff!

Hair down, she had it pinned up in the above pics. All curls!

I actually took this one overexposed so I did some stuff to it just for effects.

Of course, if I pull out my camera, I got to get a couple Gina shots!

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