Thursday, February 10, 2011

Raw Footage/ GMR Video Response

Well, "Freighttraininguphill" posted raw footage in her video climbing suffer fest. So I figured it was time for a response. I decided to push myself a bit on GMR, only the lower 4 miles. I was doing ok till I encountered FryDaddy. For those that don't know, FryDaddy is a 138 lb super climbing animal that lives on GMR. Well, he is up there every time I go. He makes most riders look bad and I know he let me win the sprint haha!

One poster (BillyDon)noticed that I always wear black sock so today,in his honor, I wore my white sucks with Rubba-Duckeys haha!

Hmm, after further review of the video, I see that I'm trying and he's not haha!


  1. I like the socks. Very macho.

  2. Yeah, I only wear them on special occasions when I want to intimidate other riders haha!

  3. That was some heart pounding, foot pedaling action. Raw and barely cut. Like the Pro Riders who train in non-descriptive jerseys, yours is stealthy blue. I saw the world of hurt you put onto Fry Daddy and the hunting down of the rider in white. It's winter and my solar sails are out to collect sunshine as I crawl up the mountain.

  4. Hahaha, GMR, your way with words is so poetic, Nice!