Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Tuesday Night Golden Hills Ouch Ride

 Got in 21 miles Tuesday night. Solo evening ride, felt good to get out. I started in Claremont, at Mills across Baseline to San Dimas park, up to SD canyon then up Golden Hills. Long ago it was a small winding road up and I thought that was a challenge way back then, maybe 1995. Ugly but cool little road. Now it is a straight up road to the nice hoods at the top, Wheeler Ave area. 

Last week I saw it on my ride heading up to the top of the cyn. Didn't like the idea of going up alone right before dark, anything could happen. I saw this road as I rolled by and thought it would be a cool idea to give it a try. Why do I think these things ha ha ha! It is only about a 1/3 of a mile but a 10.7 average grade. With reading of 17,18 and even a 20% along the way. Must have been getting close to the top when I hit the 20% because that was when I started wondering why I should do this road ha ha ha! I did think for a split second about getting off the bike for a second. But I just tried to slow my breathing so I could make it. Must have worked because I made it and still alive.

In reality, I do these things because I know if I can make it up a tough looking road, I can do just about anything on the bike being a big guy. I know sooner or later, the little skinny guys are going to challenge me uphill. They never challenge me on the flats or downhills ha ha ha!

Too bad that clown leader of the Ladies & Gents ride doesn't do anything different on their rides rather than doing the same thing over and over and over, same ride, same distance, same flat easy course so he doesn't get dropped ha ha ha! One of those guys who whines if you suggest a different course that doesn't suit him ha ha ha!

I continued on to Wheeler then down to Baseline, across again to SD park a second time to get water for the remainder of the ride not really knowing where I would go. Wanted at least 20 miles so I headed down SD road and ended up on Bonita. Figuring I'd be close to 20 by the time I got back. I was almost 2 miles short so once up Mill, I continued up to the top by Claremont Hills Wilderness Park. By the time I hit it, I knew the return would put me over 20, mission accomplished!

Really nice evening and ride.

It doesn't look like much in the pictures but if you have seen it or rode it, you know it ain't no joke!

My face after the climb and returning back to the bottom, San Dimas park to get more water.

The other park. I used to lean my bike up against this metal storage box (?) during break. But saw this sucker last week and figured, the fence was good enough ha ha ha!

Lights on!

Lights, little bit of a difference.

Cooling down!

Sunday, July 25, 2021

31 Easy Miles with Gina after week of Her Heat Issues

 31 miles at an easy 15.2 average speed. Gina had a rough week with the heat. Even came home one day from work nauseated and bad headache. I am always on her to hydrate but she won't listen. So after her episode this week, I think she got the message. Every time I told her to drink water, she listened. I guess it was that bad this time. She slept for 2 days. So I was all over her to drink the last few days. 

I did want to get her out for some fresh air as well, some exercise but nothing that would burn her out. So I told her I would hold the pace down so she could get out but relax, mostly! Of course the wind helped as we started late, about 11 am. The wind was tough so heading to the coast, I was holding 14, 15 max. My legs were tired from the day before so that helped keep the pace down for Gina. Jose sat at the back the entire time. I asked him after the ride if it was an easy ride for him. He said not really. OK wow ha ha ha!

After the first 3 miles or so, I asked Gina how she was doing. She said she felt the heat of the sun but not the air actually. I think it topped out at 93 but the average was 86. Still warm so I slowed it down even more. Once at the coast, much cooler but the sun was still beating on Gina so she sat in the shade.

Jose R and his gang fly by! 4th visible rider back. One is hiding behind the third guy.

Met this lady Anastasia. We had never met before but turns out we rode with the same group, Ladies & Gents. She rode with them right before I started. Of course I rode with them for a bit but quit after one of the riders really got on my nerves, yeah, the obnoxious ride leader ha ha ha!

But Anastasia was on a looooong solo ride, wow! 76 solo miles, what a BAD ASS!!! We chatted for a good while exchanging bike stories. Nice chat with a nice lady, brave lady. Gina says she would be scared to ride alone. Anastasia is much tougher I guess. 76 solo miles, wow I am impressed.

Ran into Tammy and Allen at the coast.  Getting to roll as we all headed back together.

Tammy latched on the back as Allen took off practicing his time trialing. He raced up ahead then later stopped, I'd say 7 miles later waiting on the side of the road. As he passed, he said thanks for taking care of his belongings. No problem, wouldn't want anything to happen to his bikes ha ha ha! You know, when someone says they crashed, you ask yeah, but how is the bike? :-)

Hi Fred!

Just about done!

The end!

Gina did well with the heat but we stopped in after the ride to cool off in the AC.

Cool, air, cool water, cool restrooms, great place to start and finish a ride.

OH my gosh, now for an amazing dinner. We did this last week, first time in a while. But tonight, I must have found the right technique and grill time. 30 minutes on low fire. Turned out great. 

You know I have been called Beans (Beanz for internet sign on purposes) since I was 3 years old.  My Dad started calling me that because I did not like beans. What kind of Mexican am I ha ha ha! But these Bush's baked bbq, brown sugar with bacon (not enough) are super wonderful ha ha ha!I still don't care too much for beans but these are good. Reminds me of a cowboy movie where they all sit around a campfire and slurp up the beans.

OH gosh, the steak was great! Little slices of bell pepper and red onion between on the skewers. Oh yeah, metal skewers. I was getting splinters from the bamboo we used to use. These are much better, and cheaper in the long run.

The meat was so good that I hated to ruin it by adding the beans to a mouthful of steak. But then the beans were so good that I hated not to add them ha ha ha! So at times I ate a mouthful of steak alone then other times, added the beans. Both techniques were great!

I usually eat one item at a time but this was confusing to me ha ha ha! I had to swap back and forth.

The pasta salad was the best Gina has made in a long while as well. I ate the pasta salad last and thought I might eat a little serving that was on my plate. I was full but once I was done with the pasta, I had to have another serving. Man it was good!

Grilling is so awesome tasting!

Saturday, July 24, 2021

SART with Joaquin and Tony B

 43 miles at 17.6 average speed. Whew, rough ride today. It is really rough riding with riders that weigh 100 less and half your height. If you know me and my style, I like to ride steady and smooth. This allows the riders behind me to get good recovery. Maybe I think too much about making it good for my ride partners as I do what I can so they can get a good draft and recover properly.

I see Joaquin to my right so I move left a bit so he has room on the ride side to sit in my draft safely and comfortably. I hold it steady and because I am like 100 pounds bigger, he gets a good draft. He tells me often how nice it is to sit in my draft and how easy it is for him to recover and get rest. OK, sounds great!

But when it's my turn? I have to say I get a little frustrated. I have mentioned it several times but still this happens to me.  Into the wind, I'm pushing 17-17.5. Doesn't sound fast to some of you non locals but if you know the wind on the trail nearing the coast, you know it's pretty tough to hold 17. There have been times I have had to push hard to hold 15, and passing several other riders ha ha ha! That is how tough it can be. So on a big headwind day like today, holding 17-17.5, and holding it steady, I know he is getting good rest. But when I move off the front, he flies by so I have to work hard to get on his wheel. Then because he is well rested, he works hard to lift the pace to 19-19.5.....WTF!!!!

I have to push hard to get on his wheel then lifting the pace but almost 2 MPH, trying to recover? Yeah, doesn't work very well. So I spend my time trying to close gaps and keep a higher speed after I just pulled off the front of a one mile pull. One time I worked hard to get on, he lifted the pace to 19+, I had to work to stay on, he slowed a bit to 17 like I was doing, then last 1/8, he lifted it back to 19+. So I'm killing myself in between trying to recover then lifting the pace again right before my turn? My legs are already frying! But I mention it several times and it seems to be the same.

I'm just not sure what it is with other riders, do they not want to work together? Are they always trying to drop me? Why? I don't understand how they can not see what goes on. Not sure if they get excited because I'm getting tired? Why, after I gave my partner good rest and recovery do the seem to want to punish  you? I don't get it myself. I have had very few good ride partners over my 25 years of riding who get it. I'd like a chance to recover in return. Then we can lift the pace but this gets old.

Not to mention, starting off, someone 100 pounds smaller and far shorter, I don't get much of a draft anyway. Then I try to take the right side of his bike and he moves over to the line. Wow! Sometimes I think other riders do these things in an attempt to tire you out. Just not good partnership imo.

So we run into the other Tony, Tony B at the coast. He plans to ride back with us. Cool. I hold the front for the first mile and a half to warm up the legs again. I move over after Joaquin says he is ready. He goes by and does his turn then moves off. I know Tony doesn't know our plan, so when he goes up front, he lifts the pace. Oh my God, I was taken by surprise as he was the ride in front of me. I was watching Joaquin pull off to the side then Tony surged up. I had to work hard to close the gap. I'm already tired from riding with Joaquin. 

But I close the gap and sit on his wheel doing 21 or so. We're rolling pretty well then we rotate a couple of times. When I pull off my turn, after my mile, the guys go ripping away as I tried to fade to the back. But the surging got me thinking, Fuck this! I'm doing my own pace for a while so I can get my own rest.

Again, I don't understand this mentality myself. I guess it's fun if you want to do the race personality thing. But that is not me. I always tell my partners that I'm trying to ride together an hold it together so we all benefit.

Can't blame anyone if they don't like my style of plan. But I drop back and capture my breath. I see them about 100 yards ahead now. I slow a bit to recover then try to regain my pace. Later in the ride, I'm catching back up to Tony who fell behind Joaquin as things got really fast from what Joaquin said. They were doing 23-24. Ah, I could not take my turn for a mile then pull off the front, latch on the back, then sprint it up to 24.

So good thing I fell back to do my own thing. My average on Strava on that section was 21 MPH so that is not too shabby. I guess they wanted to go faster, race each other, I don't know. I was planning to ride together.

No my thoughts. I caught back up to Tony. So this says that if we rode together, we would have finished together and more than likely faster if I had a chance to recover.  Joaquin got to the finish first and said he was there for not even a minute.

My thoughts? Why break it up, only to have one rider catch back up, even pass when we could have all worked together. To save a minute? I guess I just don't get it, we could have all finished strong and together vs breaking up the group for no reason.

Helpful Honda Ladies wiping down the playground and passing out chap stick to all the riders ha ha ha!

Tony B.

Tony ahead of me. I always seem to be the guy who outweighs everyone buy 100 pounds ha ha ha!

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Solo Overstuffed Sausage Night Ride

 Solo 23 miles tonight, Claremont to Glendora and back. Boy, my gator mask around my neck and little beanie jingy were soaked with sweat after the ride. :-P Doesn't usually get like that on night rides.

Did start about half an hour behind the old group. Saw them about 100 yards ahead when I finished my ride. Stopped at a new park with better fountains. Very nice and good placement in the ride.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Solo San Dimas Cyn after 15 Years & Stupid E-Bike Riders

 I'm not a big fan of going up the canyons solo but it's been about 15 years so why not?  Tossed it in instead of heading west on Badillo on the Overstuffed Sausage Ride. Really creepy being alone. I talk all the way up and shout so that if there are any lions waiting to jump on my back, hopefully they don't mistake me for a little pet Chihuahua or something ha ha ha!  Lousy downhill with all the broken pavement. Not worth the ride having to worry about a pinch flat in the evening.

Thought I would have a good break at San Dimas Park but the facilities were close. Bummer, did get water though.

Ah, I forgot to add this story in my last ride to the beach. Wow, too many idiots out there on ebikes going fast on the beach trail right next to the sand where we rest at the beach.

So I am sitting on the bench by the restrooms, 2 riders come flying by, I'm guessing 15 MPH but right next to the brick complex where we rest so it looks faster. They go by and a couple of seconds later I hear a screech then BAM! The dude who was right in front of his wife/girlfriend ? was really close to the brick set up when he decided to turn into the parking lot as soon as he cleared it. The south ramp for those who know the area. AT SPEED!!! So he takes out his gal, bike goes boom and she falls off the bike and slams her helmetless head on the pavement. 

The dude jumps off his bike runs back and shouts, "babe, why did you do that?". WHAT?! In my opinion, this idiot was going too fast and made a sharp left into the parking lot. There were few others around but why in the world would these people be going 15 mph next to the brick walls?

She lay there for a bit then she gets up dazed. He walks her over to the brick planter and lays her in the sand like a bed. He talks to her for a while, sits her up, rubs her head then lays her back down again. Then he takes off on his e bike heading back toward the pier. Not sure where he was going, maybe to get their car, I dunno! But she lays there for a while after he takes off then she gets back on her bike and takes off after 10 minutes.

Man, I am betting that lady was in pain later that day. Ouch! Man, those people on e bikes need to realize just how fast they are going on those little bike trails along the sand. I've seen way too many flying across. Pretty scary with the little kids running around too!

I was thinking the entire time, what an idiot, he made her crash them trying to put the blame on her. Yeah, she was more than likely too close but before turning, he ought to make sure she is safe out of the way as well. Or at leas signal so she has some kind of idea he is changing courses. Id' feel really stupid if I took Gina out like that.

I told you this guy is creepy sick (adult sick fuck content)

 OK first of all, I may take pics of hot chicks, bikinis, and love the female anatomy but this guy is creepy sick if you ask me.  So after a few rides with the group, I just got this creepy feeling from this guy. First hear of him on bike forums dot net. I think socalrider if my memory serves me right, Erik Pippins for you strava people, Erik for the group riders. 

So this dude is creepy. I take pics and entertain those who ask me to post pics. Of course I love the female bodies so it is no big chore taking a few pics and getting some good reviews and comments from other riders in person when we meet. But this dude, he really gave me the creeps on the group rides. Very strange character. Creep imo, kind of guy that makes your stomach turn just looking at the guy. 

What really got me is that he has to be putting his hands all over the women on the rides. I love women but I keep my distance. Don't want any trouble and not desperate to get laid like this guy. I have heard plenty of stories. Wife leaves him, gets different girlfriends that fall asleep on him. Can't seem to hold down a good woman I guess. Maybe something wrong with him I am guessing. A little too creepy comes to my mind ha ha!

I see him putting his hands on the women, rubbing their backs, hugging on them, one right after another. He's thinking he's a big stud I guess but as another rider mentioned, more like an overstuff sausage in his strange kits. So anyway, me and another rider had chatted saying that it seemed we two were the only guys who showed up who actually wanted to ride bikes and most the other guys were there to hook up or get laid. A few other good guys but not regulars like these desperate creepy guys.

I had made the comment to another rider that this dude was a bit too creepy to me and I got the feeling that he was one of those really creepy guys who might as me to let him watch us have sex then want to clean me up ha ha ha! Some sick fucks out there! I have gotten messages on instagram that really freak me the fuck out ha ha ha! Guys asking for just that, sick shit. Wanting to lick me clean after I do my bidness.

I don't know but can't help get the feeling that this creep is one of those guys who sends anonymous messages with creepy requests. No, I'm into the shit. I like some freaky kinky sex but I ain't into that semi gay shit ha ha ha! I can't be sure but this guy still gives me the creeps then when I see him kissing another dude, I can't help think he is the clean up type, if you know what I mean! He is one creepy mother fucker if you ask me. 

If some dude tried to kiss me on camera, I'd refuse and if he insisted, I'd surely be letting a fist fly. This dude just looks to natural kissing on another dude. WHAT......THE........FUUUUUUUUCK! 

Saturday, July 17, 2021

46 with the Guatemalan Gator (Joaquin)

 46 with Joaquin The Guatemalan Gator! 😄 I call him the Gator because he eats other cyclists for breakfast ha ha ha! Good solid ride, 17.4 average speed. Thought I was doing good till Joaquin picked it up to 28 on a stretch. I was suffering then but held on. Thank goodness for that little hill that slowed him down. One mile turns again but I got gassed on the way back. Joaquin and I the only guys working in a small group of 4. At one point, after my turn at the front, I waved one of the guys up to take Joaquin's wheel so I could get a longer break. This was Tony had already turned off at his stop. He sprinted around Joaquin like a moron and took off. This was after we had caught him and he drafted about 8 miles. But Joaquin was riding strong so I had to close the gap the guy left then try holding on to Joaquin's wheel. At that point, I was still suffering so Joaquin stayed at the front and did a monster pull towing me back! 🤣😂🤣

Did see Tony and Thai at the coast. They were too busy with their friends to talk to us ha ha ha!

Heading to Weir Cyn to start the ride.

Feeling strong today

Look, my handle bars are following Joaquin

I wondered how he kept his shoes so white, his gloves too. Ah ok, new!

The Guatemalan Gator :-P

We left the coast then soon Tony caught up to us and got the benefit of drafting us back to Warner (?)

Fist bump on film. After the ride.