Sunday, December 10, 2023

Solo Sunday Too!

 Set out for an easy 20 but the wind made sure that didn't happen.  Ok, it builds character as they say. Nice ride though.

A short break at that cool little park I found at my turn around point on 20's.

My ride I California 😄

Pretty cool getting messages like these. This on on my last video.  Could be from a 60+ Facebook group. 🙂

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Solo Saturday

 Just another ride, 41 miles. Pico to Azusa and back. Little bit around Encanto Park neighborhood to get in the 40. 

Very strange, not many cyclists at all out today.  I heard it was very windy in Santa Ana so maybe that scared away some of the cyclists.  A little breezy here but nothing like a couple weeks back. 

Got a new set up, video editor and photo editor so I'm back in bidness. 😄

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Foothills with Tony (video soon)

 35 miles with 2200 ft gain.  Baseline in Claremont to Glendora along and up the foothills.  Pretty good workout seeing I haven't done many hills lately but glad to be up and about.  Been too long since I've been on GMR so I have to make my way back up the mountain. 

Tony looked pretty strong today.  Nice day and a good ride.

From the video. 

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Solo Bones 20

  Solo 20 today. Wore my bones jersey because it makes me feel much lighter. 😄 One of those days you really don't want to go but know if you don't, it's just wasted time. Even forgot my HR monitor strap.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Solo Fat Bastard 41

 Just an ordinary solo ride from Pico Rivera golf course to Seal Beach and back. 41 miles 15.8 average speed. 

I did get another light. Rock Bros 1500 lumens.  I actually think they work better than the $100 Niterider that I have. As well as the $70 cygolite I have.  

A poster in a cycling forum far far away mentioned the RB  lights being around $30. I  picked one up a while back and color me impressed.  

So this is my 4th. This one has the intelligent light feature.  Auto adjust to light situation which I don't really care about.  But light goes off 30 seconds after stopping on the bike. I can take or leave this feature.  It's the bright wide beams I like vs the spotlight shape of the others. 

And, a few bucks extra in the package is a Q5 taillight. Smart light. Turns off after 30 seconds. But the cool thinknis had a brake light. 😄

stop or stop in hand while thrusting it forward,  then the brake light lights up. 

so today,  I left the rear light on smart sensor. So it doesn't light up because the sun provides too much light but the brake light will work. So  left it on so driving home with my bike acked so the light was facing the rear as always,  I was thinking the brake light on the bike would illuminate the same time as my truck lights. 

I  betit got some people wondering how they were in synch with my truck lights. 😄😆😄

Powered by Pizza 🍕 and salad 🥗 last night att Avolio's with my Honey. 

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Turkey Day Solo NEW TIRE

 35 miles on the San Gabe River Trail.  Ran into Joe at Encanto Park.  Trying out another light, my 5th ha ha ha. Cool rear Q5 Rock Bros tail light. Actually works like a brake light. Cool little thing. I only got it as a package deal with the light I ordered on ebay.

After my thrashed tire last week,  figured I'd try a 25 vs the 700 x 23s I've been riding for 26 years. Felt a little more comfortable but after a  few minutes on the bike, I wouldn't know what tire size I was riding.😄

Later on I met Joe at Encanto Park.  I was recording with the hand  held go pro catching his eye. So he asked about the go pro. Ended up having a good chat about recorders and bikes. Always amazes me when people can talk about things one wouldn't expect them to know. He must have known about recorders but then chatting about bikes I didn't expect.  Always cool to having the ability to relate. Cool guy  even had a good little hello for the video.  Always impressive as many people freeze when the recorder goes on. 😄

Turkey breast and Honey Baked Ham for dinner.  I ate more than my share. 😄 That Honey Baked Ham is party darn good! 

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Solo Spiders 🕷 Tour (video posted) Black Bibs

 Solo 🕷 Spiders at Seal Beach Tour. 40 miles at 15 average. . Pretty windy both ways, how does that happen.  But a good ride other than a jogger cutting right in front of me.  She did a 45 without looking,  BIG  earphones and calling out but you know how joggers are. Being the awesome safe cylist that I am,  I saved it avoiding 3 people.  Thrashing my rear tire in a skid but it needed replacing anyway.   But why not make people feel bad for you when they don't know? 😆😄😆 Just glad I made the 20 back with no issues. 

Ha ha ha, so used to SART, I  posted that instead of SGRT

So I tried some more Black Bib shorts. Buddy Paul had said he didn't care much for the basic model, $35. I had bought the ultra at $55 and thought they were good.  

I did a little investigating and found the basic is pretty much the same as the ultra  same chamois with only difference being the leg band. Ultra has a wide grippy band on the leg which I really don't care for. Hugs my thigh but then the wide band extends over my knee section looking all kinds of baggy.

The basic is just a small hem. So reading this was the only difference   figured I'd give the basic a chance seeing my cheap Chinese shorts have worn out in the chamois over the last 2.5 years.  Not bad for $20. 

And I only wear these on short 20 mile midweek night rides. Better shorts on the weekends.  So doing 42 today on the basic, seemed good enough. 

I would say felt a hair thinner in the material and chamois but I'm really not sure so hey  ought to be more than fine on those 20 mile rides. 

And I do like the small hem of the basic than the wide gripper of the more expensive,  so that's a plus ➕️ 👌