Sunday, December 4, 2022

 Saturday, a 40 mile solo ride.  Not much happening but a little cooler than usual. 

Then having gotten a $200 bonus for Thanksgiving   figured I'd take Gina to dinner.  So Black Angus it was. It was ok this time but not great.  But I just wanted to get out for a bit. 

Then a stroll around the mall.  I  had bought Gina a leopard pattern blouse like the one she's wearing in the pic  but same size turned out to be a little snug so I suggested she give to her mom then I'd buy her another one, so I did. Nice blouses but I wish they showed a bit more cleave ha ha ha. 

Then an easy 20 solo,  also on the upper San Gabe trail.  A little bit of rain,  if course starting literally 1 minute before I shoved off. About 5 miles of light rain. Enough to get my jacket slightly wet but not enough to saturate the trail.  Do I kept on ending up being a nice ride. Air felt thick but a good ride.

And still working my butt off at work with these heavy plastic lifting parts ha ha ha 😂 

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Taco 🌮 Ride Team Fat Bastard Rides Again

 So Jose was in town for the weekend.  Figured we could get in a taco ride.  Jose hasn't been on the bike much since he moved back to AZ a few months ago.  But we did ok for a 38 mile ride averaging 16.2 on the ride.  I  pulled most the way just holding steady and Jose helped me out a couple of times. 

Stopped for tacos on the way back. Always good 👍 

Then after the ride,  took Gina out for Chinese.  Always good 👍 

After 3 days riding in a row   figured I would skip Sunday taking Gina out to breakfast.  Then to Macy's buying her another blouse that I liked.  Leopard 🐆 skin pattern that I had seen before and much like the other I bought for her last week. 

A relaxing drive through San Dimas canyon,  a few pics then dinner at a local place.  Just enjoying my Sunday before going back to work.  But it was nice having off all four days. 

Not to mention another do it myself haircut. 

Friday, November 25, 2022

Post Turkey Solo Cruise

 Might as well enjoy my 4 days off so I did another easy 20 mile ride.  Nice easy relaxing ride. 

Crazy dude on a recumbent.  Passed me just as I was starting out.  I said hello how you doing.  He said something but it was unclear.  He said something about speed.  Ok, then he raced off. 🏁 

Couple miles up the road   he pulled over so I went by.  Oldest trick in the book, let someone pass you so you can pass him again.  

I just kept my steady pace,  not hard  not too easy.  Then as I was about 2 miles from the top, where it starts to climb up and up,  I saw him rolling up. 

Ok, now let's see what he's got on that tandem. 😄

I  started hammering up the stairs stepping trail.  He fell way back so I just continued up and around the dam through the tunnel.  

I  stopped for a bit  looked around.  Wondering if there were any homeless people around that I could harass, nope! 😆😄😆

So I took a very short break then headed back down only to see him coming up. Y way. I gave him that look   how do you like that?! 😄

He looked at me, smiled and nodded his head a few times. 

Was an easy ride but had to kick it up a couple of times.  But surprisingly,  it was a nice ride down for once without the huge headwinds. 

I  did have a couple good servings last night for TG. So it was nice to get out and burn a little bit of that off. 🙃 

Thursday, November 24, 2022

I See Dead People Ride

Well, one dead guy.  Crazy, dead MOTOR cyclist at the top of the trail on hwy 39. Cops had the area taped off. I  couldn't get through but saw 2 motorcycle guys sitting on the trail.  Looked over, saw a body laying on the side of the road with his face shredded.  Oh my, I didn't realize it at first.  I asked the two guys if it were a motorcycle accident.  They said yes  then I asked if it was their friend.  They said yes. Wow,  can you imagine having to tell your friends parents that their son just got killed.  People need to be careful.

Anyway,  solo 35 mile ride. Pretty breezy but actually happy because the forecast last night said it was going to be very windy today.  So a big breeze was good. 

But I'm happy having 4 days off from work.  Gina as well which is nice seeing she thought she was going to have to work on Friday. 

But this week sucked. Very boring.  Even my boss said take it easy.  Young people these days with little work ethic.  Heck, my slow pace is their super duper work pace. 

I spent a couple of days doing stuff they  "hadn't " had a chance to work on.  Disposing old samples.  They hadn't touched anything in a year. When they did,  they dumped about 6 boxes. 

Heck   I was trying to cruise,  took several breaks   extended breaks,  and still did about 35 boxes 📦. 

Id cut them open,  dump the contents,  then log the part info into my little laptop.  I  tried to take it easy  but......😄

But still a lot better than hard labor.  I  can't believe they pay me this much to take it easy.  The medical field is like really really relaxed ha ha ha. 😂 

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Solo Sunday and Too Many Stupid Cyclists

 Seriously   let me start out by saying   there are too many fucking stupid riders around.  Driving into the parking lot,  drive in at about  15 mph which is a good speed in a lot.  I'm Driving through the area where people enter and exit the trail.  Driving along,  some guy turns in from the trail with his head down,  across a parking space and right in front of my truck  from the side then turns traveling my direction about 5 feet in front of me. Had no idea I was driving in  had his head riding blindly into my path. 

He headed toward the club house as I parked.  I  got dressed rather quickly hoping he'd come by as I was ready to roll. This way I could cuss that mother fucker out and he wouldn't know which was my vehicle.  Dumb shit!

Later in the ride,  I'm heading down from the dam area, as I rolled by the Chelan rest stop, some dumb ass stops across the lane just about laying his bike down to check his shoe. Yeah I could have gone around but these idiots are always blocking the trail there one way or another with plenty of space off the trail.  So I shouted as I rolled by and the guy tried to move saying sorry man . Think ahead asshole so I buzzed him just so he would realize he's blocking the trail.  

As I was at the top  my turn around point   I noticed some idiot painting on a wall. I watched from a distance for a bit  took a pic of my bike,  picked up a big fucking rock, got back on my bike, rolled down,  stopped with the rock clearly showing in my hand then said, IT MUST BE NICE BEING A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT THAT CAN DEFACE PROPERTY AND NOT HAVE TO EVER WORRY ABOUT PAYING A DIME OR TAXES TO FIX IT. 

That homeless piece of shit looked at me and said, yeah I guess so. 

I  was kind of tossing the rock up and down in my hand so I think they were worried I might use it on them.  Yeah there were two of them but only one painter. 

I  said a couple other things,  they just agreed then one said,  have a nice day sir.  Funny when someone around your age calls you sir.

So anyway   tried to do a relaxing ride after a very windy ride on Saturday with the boys.  But today,  more wind right out the gate heading uphill to the foothills.  Uphill into the wind, yippee! 

Heading down was nice for once seeing the wind was in my direction this time. 

Got home,  shower then took Gina out for a late breakfast.  She was nice enough to put on the new blouse I just bought her at Macy's.  I really liked the colors on this one so I had to buy it. 

And still having fun at work.