Sunday, May 15, 2022

EZ Sunday Ride post Dental

 Nice solo 20 miles on Sunday along the San Gabriel Trail. Pico Rivera to the Santa Fe dam and back. Windy but not like last week so I actually got to relax some. 

A week of dental work taking advantage of my new dental benefits from the new job. Perfect timing as my crown broke taking part of the tooth with it. So I got the PPO seeing my dentist works the books so I have no out of pocket for most treatments.  

So Monday root canal and deep clean.    Tuesday root canal,  Friday night tooth extraction extraction of the broken crown tooth. 

So today was an easy ride to relax. 

I did try out the new gloves again. Shocked but they are more comfy than most other gloves I've had.  

Also the orange base layer. Got 2. They were on sale at JC Penny for $4. The one at the West Covina mall had a lot of them. Xersion brand.  Work just like my $40 Nike and UA models. You know me,  always out for a bargain. 

Tooth extraction,  root canals, no pain killers. Just some fun on the bike. 😆

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Fri Night Tooth Extraction/ Sat Morning Ride

 40 miles 16.7 average speed. 

Root canal Monday,  Root canal Tuesday,  then tooth extraction on Friday night. But, I wanted to ride my bike ha ha ha.  Luckily no pain so no meds and my hole feels like it's coagulating nicely. Dinner with some blood flavoring but late night snack much better. 

So Jose and I set out for an easier 🌮 taco ride but ran into Alyce a bit later who really lifted the pace for a bit ha ha ha. 

Then ran into Joaquin for the return so we held a steady 20 or so. 

Image from Ron & Dixie's recorder. Alyce kicked it up to 21.5 after a few miles on our wheels.  She went around Jose surprising him then leaving him behind.  I wasn't sure what she was doing. We thought she was going to the front but she took off. Surprised us both but I went around and latched on her wheel till she sat up. Jose missed the move.

Picked up some Rock Bros gloves on ebay $14. Pretty comfy on the first ride. 

So, I think they like me at work.  And the dental work,  using my benefits from work. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Holy cow, I may have got it!  

Wow,  been a while. Had some issues with family that really put a spin on life. So I have all my editing stuff and big computer in storage and haven't been able to figure out this big mess trying to get back on my blog as all my auto sign on and passwords are recorded on files on my big computer. 

I couldn't get onto YouTube as well. Finally figured out that I had to sign out of Google. This crap is confusing at times. 

So working, got money, benefits and even having some dental work done through my ppo.

But most importantly, still riding my bike. 

Let me explain my latest sitcheeashun.

I went back to work.  Got my vaccination then 4 days later,  got a decent paying job.   Gina and I make just about the same amount so we're in good shape now. Of course I have no bills and she does so the way I figure it,  I'm ahead ha ha ha.  

So when I applied for some jobs,  there were plenty because others are still taking advantage of the covid situation. 

I applied and 3 days later had a job.  Little decision to make.  2 jobs were in the QC field which I do but night shifts.  I've done about 13 years so wasn't happy but willing. 

But! The third job was a more physical job in manufacturing.  I wasn't too thrilled about it but my brain said DAYSHIFT. I can be with Gina every night. 

First month was murder on my legs wearing steel toe boots and carrying steel. Every day I came home beat. I worked at a steel company in my early in 30's but now, at 59? I had my doubts.

But I gave it a try because they are very cool people.  Only 14 people but nice outfit.  Heck. Breakfast about 3 times a week,  BBQ  and fancy meals every so often. They take care of us. Strangely enough  the whole crew works well together and I've gotten some great reviews. 

I was worried about the physical part but figuring I've always been a strong guy, I stuck in there hoping my strength would come back.  And it did. I woke up one morning and my legs felt like gold.  

Another month goes by and I've dropped some inches and tightened up the waist. My legs feel awesome now and my upper body strength has come back around. 

I feel like I'm getting paid to work out and I really feel it on the bike.  My bike just wants to roll.   I feel freaking strong now. And, I have all the money I need for bike stuff ha ha ha. A whole lot more than I've had over the last 3 years working in a situation where nobody pays you. 

So we're good and much happier now than we've been for a while. 

Ok, now I can't find the insert image icon 😤 

Ah, freaking got it 👍 

Some recent ride pics. I did 5,010 in 2021. Started working in January so I slowed for a few months but getting back on track with the daily workouts (the job 😄) and feeling feeling strong. 

The pic with the beer. My buddy Tony is an awesome friend so now that I went back to work and making some dough,  I thought I'd buy him a beer and have one with him.  

   I haven't had a beer in 30 years.  I just don't care for them so Tony introduced me to a little something different in beer. Not too bad and better than I remember but, I'm still just not a beer person ha ha ha. 😄

Turning my rides into taco 🌮 and 🍩 donut rides.  Jose and I eating tacos but still getting in a 40 miler at 17.4 average speed. 

Just some I've seen out there. These guys saw my old FART jersey and asked to take a pic with me because they were wearing duck FART club jerseys.  Strange but I had about 4 people ask to take my jersey pic that day.

 As far as Gina,  she's doing well but a bit shy getting back on the bike after having been taken down by a homeless guy taking her down.  He crossed the trail at a blind spot on a cruiser and a leash with a pit bull. Straight across without looking. Some damage to her bike but nothing drastic. More gun shy now. But doing well. 

She did lose her second son about 2 months ago.  Also kidney failure as was her first son who passed 3 years ago at 38 (Chris) .Most recent at 35 was Richard.  Now she's sad saying she has no more children.  Pretty sad but she's actually handling it well. 

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Solo Saturday 50

Solo 50 at 17.1

Few pics for now   

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Solo Saturday Falcon Ridge

 30 miles with 2,000+ ft of gain. Hard time getting started today. Stayed in bed a little too long, got taken advantage of but managed to roll out of bed about an hour later. 

I just wanted to put in some miles but my bike keeps taking me up the hills. Oh well, was a brisk pace for me too just getting on the bike! 

Exploring a new trail, lots of horses up there. Nice but I worry about spooking them. Maybe I'll just stay off that trail. Falcon Ridge bird preserve and a new to me trail, Ferguson Mtwy.

Euro Cafe to top of Wheeler and above, then to Falcon Ridge/Ferguson Mtwy above San Dimas Park, to Bonita, back, then up Mills a couple of times just to get in the mileage.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Been Freakin' Lazy Photography

 Very strange but I am feeling really really good and look forward to getting on my bike but for some reason, been avoiding the bike. Maybe since Gina has some time off, been spending the days with her.

On Thanksgiving, we went for a hike at Barett/Stoddard Rd up toward Mt Baldy. I never really knew what was down there till an old friend mentioned it a couple years back. But still didn't visit till yesterday. Gina and I went for a little walk out there.  Followed the broken road to where it turned to sand and dirt. Heard some popping type sounds from below then some music. OK, must be some people dancing or something. I looked over briefly and noticed a gorge or something below. Seemed dry from what I could see, not wanting to see too much as it looks like 100 ft down into rock.  I moved away quickly.

Then Gina walks to the edge, no rail, to look over, ETF! Gina get away from there! She say she ain't going to fall but Gina, like her mother has this thing about tripping. Heck, her mother was once walking across the way from her apt and tripped. She fell on her face and knocked out her front teeth. Gina is a bit like her, trips and falls for unknown reasons. All I need is to see Gina trip, fall and go down into a rock gorge. Honestly, she scares the F out of me when she does stuff like that. I was up all hours of the night thinking of what could have happened. I was freaked out man!

So that's it, we're leaving! I remember the Grand Canyon. She was doing flips like a little 3rd grader on the monkey bars, like we did in elementary. OK, so she wasn't really doing flips, but leaning over and it scares me. Then the areas without rail, she was walking to the edge and looking over while wearing sandals. GINA! She says she won't fall but I looked up the amount of people who have fallen to their deaths there. I don't want to see anything like that with my wife.

So I tossed  her in the car and drove up to the trout farms area where it is much safer. No edges or rails t hang on. Took a few pics then headed down. Stopped at Coco's so she could eat a turkey dinner. She had bought a turkey to cook but my Mom is being a real fucking bitch so we said forget it, we'll just hang out alone this Thanksgiving.  

So we made the best of it and had our own little fun. Then Friday, I was supposed to ride with the guys but laying in the bed with Gina in the morning, I didn't want to get out ha ha ha!

So we just cruised around and I took my camera just in case I came across something interesting. No, I didn't but I took a few pics anyway ha ha ha! Trying to keep up the  photo skills.


                            Much better! Seated and not hanging over a cliff somewhere!

Barett/Stoddard Rd

Sadly these pathetic people paint on the rocks ruining the natural beauty

They paint on the road too. 

Friday at the airport and near Bonelli at the lookout.

Sunset pics

I used the flash on this one and settings that would 
continue to show the sunset. I wanted Gina to show
in this one.

Gina, lower middle. I set it so she would be a bit dark and 
barely noticeable like a silhouette. Holy crap, I actually 
spelled that word correctly for the first time in my life
ha ha ha! 

Same thing with Gina to the left, barely noticeable.
I was looking for that affect.