Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Solo In The Hood

16 miles today 1,427 ft of elevation gain. I sent a text to Gina at 5:00. I will start riding about 6 and I won't be home till after 7:00. I get a call at 6:45 during the most important, toughest climb of the day. 😫 I answer cause you never know about emergencies. I stop, dig for my phone, out of breath panting like a dog. Hello! Gina?🤔 Hey what are you doing? :-/ Uhhhh! 😬 I don't think I should have called you hunh?! 😳 ........Anyway felt good today! :-p Trying to get my chubby legs back in shape!

Yeah baby, that;s what I'm talking about! No meds, all exercise and eating the right things. Down about 3 or 4 pounds in the last week!