Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GMR 03/22/11

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Getting cabin fever, had to go out an hope it didn't rain today. For once the weather dude was right, no rain ha ha! Quickly ran into FryDaddy finishing up his 3T time trial with the Boyz. He had his recorder so he followed me up for bit for a little video chat. Hmm, sounds like he has a plan for a major movie in the works.

So I continued fiddling up the mountain getting passed by some hardcore looking riders. If I'm not mistaken, I might have heard that the local races are near. Seems that this time of year, the riders on GRM are superfast. Then I ran into Jerry and Linda at Newman's Point. Taking a few pictures with snow capped mountains in the background. I had to stop for a little chat, cool couple.

Hit the landing just above the shack, stopped for some pics then headed down. Ran into John heading up on an MTB. He was riding up looking for a few snow pics of is own. Heck, I took advantage of it and asked him to shoot a pic of me with the city in the background. While stopped there, a couple riders riders flew by and called out Beanz. I thought it was Keith but now I'm not so sure cause he looked smaller in the video. Got a still of the guys so maybe they'll fess up ha ha!

Ah-hahhh! Rider fessed up, turns out to be FullCarbon from the forums. ;)

Pictures: John in the green vest. Two dudes on the way up that knew me (still shots) . Another dude coming up from the fork, friendly guy and some dude (still shot) on a bike with fenders. That's cool, bigger variety on GMR.

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