Sunday, July 3, 2011

SART Saturday 07/03/11

Nice day on the trail. Seemed that it would be hot at the start but quickly cooled down once we headed to the coast. On our way north, we quickly ran into CalamariChris and Loretta Fetta from the forums. They were nice enough to turn around for the meet up. Loretta is always the fine natured person I've met a few times. Not only a great gal but a darn good climber too. She's been up to the ski lifts at Baldy, making me look bad ha ha! Calamari is quite the character. He does post a lot of funny and wacky stuff on the forums and is not one bit different in person. The kind of guy that could sit there for hours entertaining you and keep you laughing. It was cool to meet Calamari and Loretta once again!

During our little photo shoot, George rolls by on his roadie so heck, I got his picture too ha ha!

Just past the Honda Center we ran into Tammy near the end of a ten mile run. Wow, the day after riding GMR. Not only a run but after, she's getting her bike for a 25 miler, THEN hitting GMR again tomorrow! A bit further down the road a fly by containing a couple of the Hair cut Crew, Greg and Bob.

At the coast, a short chat with Tony then Tammy and Alan rode up for a visit. That's when Louie from the Sikad ng Bayan ride pulls up. Wow, the dude is still trying to feed me ha ha! He tells of us of his coming adventure to the Philippines on Thursday. Wow, good people, making the trip to deliver school supplies for the children. What really got me was he called his buddy Ben and told him he was there with me so I got to say hello to his buddy too! Louie is too much, still trying to feed me after the feast on the Sikad ng Bayan Ride! Cool Dude!

Last scene in the video. Alan had swiped a limb, it held back til Gina past through then it whacked Tammy as she rode by a fraction of a second later. A minute later, Gina ran over a stick while riding on my right side. Somehow it flipped up in the air and whacked me on the left side of my face. That explains our comments ha ha!

It was a day of all interviews and very little cycling footage, no music.