Sunday, November 27, 2011

SART 11/27/11

After a ride up GMR, nothing better than a nice trail ride. Supposed to be a nice ride but leave it to Gina to find the one and only staple on the entire trail haha! Not even a new tires stands up to a staple.

As we're on the side of the road, just short of Edna Park, I hear shouting down the trail. Yup, it's Louie and friends! We chat a bit then they get on with the plug. Sikad ng Bayan Bike ride, lots of food and fun coming in April.

Crazy Louie, claims that his computer monitors heart rate, blood sugar and a little alarm when it's time for the viagara haha! Ben, Louie, and Rob head off then we head to the coast where we meet Jeff and Angie. Thinking we'd get done early, PSSSHT! Flat tires, another late ride.

BTW, fee includes a ton of food and a jersey!

Louie and Ben Sikad ng Bayan Bike Ride Plug

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