Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lost A Cycling Buddy to Cancer (Boyd)

Boyd was diagnosed just after summer. Last I heard about 2 months ago he was doing well and somewhat recovering. I sent an email about a week ago asking about his progress but received no answer. I feared the news but hoped he was on one of his European vacations.

Unfortunately I received this email today. :(

Boyd was GREAT guy and a Great friend! When I hear the term "True Gentleman", Boyd comes to mind. We'll really miss you BoyLd ;)

Dear Friends & Family,

Unfortunately, the time has come to give you the final update on Boyd's health challenge. On Tuesday, March 27th, Boyd lost his battle with cancer. After the Chemo Treatment #4, he never really recovered to any sort of normalcy. He continued to lose weight and fight constant nausea. After a week's stay in the hospital the second week of March, it was determined that although the original esophageal tumor was eliminated, the cancer had spread to the outside of his intestines and his prognosis was terminal. I brought him home for hospice care on March 17th, which gave him great comfort. Daughters Shauna & Karrie and son-in-law Steve arrived from Florida on March 21st to shower him with love and attention. Throughout the next week, he received many visits from friends and family who love him. As his health faltered, his spirit and sense of humor never did. The day prior to his death, he was able to separately tell each daughter and me, "I love you." He passed away peacefully at 1:10 on a sunny afternoon with a room full of loving family.

Boyd did not want a service or a lot of fuss, so we had a wonderful gathering of family the next evening in his honor at my brother's home in Lake Forest, CA. Boyd's sister Valerie from Florida and niece Karen from New York were able to join us. My mother Ruth and niece Sara's family were also there. We enjoyed barbeque food and beer, two of his favorites, and a chocolate cake topped with a beer in an Angels baseball cozy surrounded with peanuts. It was an evening we will all cherish.

During this difficult time, I have been surrounded with so much love and support by so many friends and family members. I warmly thank each and every one of you for your kindness & strength and I hope you will continue to hold up my family and me in your prayers.



For the entire 15 years we have been on SART, he was there every weekend till his battle started.


  1. I just wanted to thank you for posting this. I am his daughter, Shauna. He sure did love to ride and he used to always stop for his coffee and call me and my sister along the trail! He was certainly a good Father, and definitely a good man and friend to all of you as well. He is terribly missed.

  2. I can only say Shauna that Gina and I are deeply sorry for your loss. This post is small in comparison to my other post and that is because I am at a total loss for words after hearing the sad news. Our cycling friends will all miss him. Again, he was an excellent Man, Friend, Gentleman, and we all enjoyed his marvelous sense of humor. One of the very few people I have met in my life that always had a smile along with something nice to say! We miss him! Thank you for the comments, it means a ton to us! ;-)