Sunday, May 6, 2012

SART 5/6/12

Oh my goodness my legs were fried today! Gina's 3rd time on the bike in the last month and a half but she did well. Aimee also rode both day with me but she always does well. We did start a bit late today after a night of karaoke at Dad's house and Scrabble with Mom. Let's see, a 71 miler then going to bed at 3 am, yeah I had a hard time getting out of bed ha ha! So you understand the later than usual start. Not bad since there weren't many riders out there but wow the wind was STIFF! Some points I was pushing hard doing 14 mph but passing other riders. That's how stiff the wind was. We did pick up a few riders here and there who were more than happy to hop on the back of the B Train ha ha! (guy in green)

We did run into Olivia and Brian at Edna Park. The "Split Personality" tandem team. Got to exchange a few ride and youtube stories. They do some cool stuff and visit nice places.

Another 41 miles today.

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