Sunday, June 3, 2012

SART 6/3/12

 A wedding the day before and Gina had a few margaritas so again we were in no mood to do GMR. Blisters on her feet form her party shoes but she did well on the ride today. Nice fun 42 mile ride with Jose (El Monarcha)

This young dude was funny. I stopped to remove a bee form my helmet when he rolled by. We remounted then set off once again. Couple miles later we catch him (not trying) then he hops on the back. He takes a break then sprints around, OK impressive ha ha! Another mile or two later we catch him again and once again he hops on. OK, if you play that game with me, I'm taking your picture ha ha! So he blasts around like a bat out of 7734. Fudge it, next time we catch up we blow his doors off. He couldn't respond but he did let out a loud  yelp like he knew he was whooped! Ah, the young dudes! ;-)

                                                                I think it's a tandem                                                        


                                                           Tammy and Alan

                                                         Leaving the coast with a nice tailwind

                                                           Letting Gina take the lead

                                                                   El Monarcha

                                                    Champion seventy something skater Steve

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  1. Looks like my Bianchi except for the celeste color tires. Can’t find those anywhere.