Sunday, September 30, 2012

SART 9/30/12

A nice warm Sunday ride with Gina. Again a pretty empty trail. We stopped near the Imperial wooden bridge but only saw maybe 5 riders go by. Most times we see 30 within 5 minutes or so. Gina thought it was nice though.

On the way back to the coast we ran into Tammy & Alan. At the coast we met up with Tony for a short visit then we rode back together to his turn off. Before Tony showed up LewisAClark rode up for a good chat. Hadn't spoke with the guy in a while so it was nice to hear from him again. Bad news was that his father had some heart problems. He's OK though. After that we had some pretty good laughs going into some real life details. Pretty good stuff and nice to hear I'm not the only one who thinks there is a little too much madness in this world, on and off the bike ha ha!

Back to Tony. Last week we saw him and his wife riding MTB's on the trail. I didn't recognize him at all. I gave my usual friendly hello thinking he was just another rider out there. After we crossed paths Gina mentioned that the rider was Tony. Naaaaah! I don't think so! She said Yeah, that was him, then I said like no it wasn't then she said like yeah it was, then I said like no it wasn't! Well you get the picture. But turns out it was him. He and his wife did a pretty good ride together. I'm thinking it won't be long before she's out there on a roadie. Oh, and to tell you the truth, she looks a little too young for Tony..... even though they're the same age. ;-)

LewisAClark. Be honest, how many of you didn't notice there was a bike in the background?

                                                      The top view My Space pose

                                            I asked for a smile, this was the best he could do!

                                               Tony with the today's "Shiny Man" award

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