Sunday, April 7, 2013

SART 4/7/13

Nice ride with Gina and Aimee. After a month off the bike I was expecting Gina to really suffer but she did very well. I figured half way through the ride she'd slow to a crawl but nope!. Heck it was breezy and she still did well. The last mile of the 42 she slowed down but she held a decent average though out the ride. Half way to the coast Greg caught us from behind so he hung back for a bit then pulled up to my side. I bet Gina loved the draft! Ran into Bad Bob at the coast. He had a good chat with Greg then the left together right as Julie rolled up. Wow, the beginning of April and she already has over 4000 miles. It was a nice tailwind back to the Leaky fountain so I was happy!

Didn't have much for a video so blah!

                                        Greg caught up with us so he hung with us to the coast

                                                                          Bad Bob

                                                   Julie already over 4000 miles for the year


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