Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday SART 8/24/13

Well we were off the bikes last weekend so we figured a few more miles ought to do us good. Not bad, Gina did very well on the 47 miler. Very breezy with a big headwind but still managed a 15.8 average for the ride. Se did run into Ron on his recumbent. Haven't seen him much over the last couple of years. I guess he works out of town so there are other more important things to do with his weekends. Had a chance to meet one of the River Velo guys at an actual stop for once. His name is Dope. I'm not sure if that is the correct spelling but that is how it is pronounced. Cool friendly guy but I bet it was rough growing up with a name like that! Heck, they ought to make a Johnny Cash song out of it ha ha! I really wanted to do GMR this weekend but Gina's ankle is still a bit tender so I couldn't argue. So it was Gina , Jose, and me on a 47 miler.

Ron rolling on his bent

                                    It was pretty cool at the coast but there were still a few bikinis

                                                   Jose posing for his usual blog pic ha ha!

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