Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stripped Brake Caliper Bolt (more mechanic stuff)

This one was a doozy! I looked up how to remove stripped bolts on the net and not one mentioned this. I thought I was jacked cause I could not get the bolts out. I learned it is a crappy design by GM and lots of people have the problem. The T47 tool and allen wrenches strip the snot out of the head. He head is low profile so buying one of the Torx type specialty removal socket is a gamble.

Figure if you go with the tool, your bolt is pretty much trash! I did the torch, lube soak and everything else mentioned to remove the stuck bolt and it stripped anyway! So I thought I was screwed, $70 for the tool and replacement bolts, OUCH!

Somebody mentioned vice grips around the head, hmm I thought why not the pin?

Because the brakes are worn and the hydraulic system pushes the pads outward, I was able to hold the rubber boot of the pin to the side with a screwdriver then grip the pin itself in that area with  the vice grips. Gave it a good turn and BAM! Got the bolts out!

I did mar the pin in that area so I filed it smooth. Plus there are a couple of flat sections in that area that allow for some grip.

I was worried that the bolts were too stripped to replace but I found that the heads were stripped in the removal direction (CCW) but still worked in the install direction (CW).

 I lubed everything up and the darn things tightened and work fine. I just might go get some replacements anyway just to be safe. But $20 for new pins is much better than new pins and a specialty tool that is a gamble!

Made a video explaining the situation, man I thought I was shcrewed!

Torch, lube soak, slide rubber boot to the side with screwdriver, grab pin with vice grips and turn!


  1. I had this problem on my Jeep, cleaned threads out with a tap and 3 yrs no problems. As long as you get a little bite they will stay.

    1. I worry about them loosening as they don't really seem to torque down all that much to begin with. I have checked them and they still feel secure. But hearing your experience really adds to the peace of mind factor ;-)