Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday SART

Well it was a good ride but jut a sad day. Aimee's first ride in a long time and Jose was there too. We were all doing pretty good, I thought but Gina later told me that Aimee was asking if she was alright. Now watching the video,Gina didn't look right on the ride. maybe to much celebrating the night before as the daughter in law graduated with her Masters. So anyway, we made it tot he coast OK then ran into an old riding partner from back in 98 when we were much younger and fit ha ha! Mike hung around with us for a good chat of old times. Then we all headed back together. But 4 miles or so from the finish, Gina just couldn't hold pace so we slowed and let our friends ride off into the sunset . That's the sad part ha ha!

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