Monday, March 10, 2014

No Riding

Nope, no riding but I do miss it! But my job is going really well and with an ISO audit this week, I worked some OT and Saturday. The few weeks before we took a trip to Tucson AZ to check out the place where my parents used to live. They only lived there 10 years but Dad wanted to see it again. He's had kidney damage via diabetes and over the last 3 years he has managed to avoid dialysis through eating just right and avoiding many foods. But now his numbers have finally fallen and the doc wants to insert the catheter. So I figured I'd take them around before he goes IM MOBILE. He was pretty happy with the trip then the next weekend we offered to take them to Vegas. He backed out of the trip so Gina and I went ha ha! We had a great time and packed in a ton of fun into one weekend.

So I haven't been on the bike but seems life has been sweet to me the last couple of months so I am enjoying it to the fullest. Yes, we will be back on the bikes but for now we're having a ball. We are heading up to Laughlin this coming weekend. I thought about riding but with a big fat check coming this weekend, I figured one more weekend won't hurt. MY boss was very concerned with this audit coming up so we worked OT last week and the weekend so hey, I'm going to have fun!

Well anyway, I get home early and so I play my guitar while I wait for Gina to get home. Of course now with  daylight savings, I have time to ride right after work since I get out at 2:30. After the audit this week, I figure I'll hit the road again next week! :-)

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