Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Ride

Another 35 miles today. Seems like we really pushed hard yesterday. So today I told  the troops I was out for a recovery relaxation ride, none of them argued ha ha! So I backed the pace off some today. Not really cold but Gina was happy with a windbreaker. Well, at least there wasn't any rain. I think everybody enjoyed the more relaxing pace. I know I needed it. Last night I felt so wiped out that I drank 3 jugs of Gatorade and 2 jugs of water.

Gina is one to suffer from heartburn if she drinks Gatorade. I mix mine from powder and that really gets to her. Aimee suggested her drink (Scratch). She brought some powder today so that Gina could mix it and give it a try. Not bad. Raspberry flavor mixed well and the taste was not t sever so Gina actually liked it and no heartburn. Gina said she plans to buy some so that she has something to drink on the bike. Yeah, she'll buy some for her but I bet she keeps me on the cheap Gatorade powder ha ha! Actually that is OK! I use cheap stuff but if I ever train for another big ride I'll go with the good stuff. :-P

Funny day today. We all know Aimee is very competitive and this girl hardly ever says a word. But today was different, she was in a mood ha ha! All in good fun!

              This is how I take pics on the bike. Over the shoulder aim backward trick! (see shadow)

                                                    Always a crazy dude in the crowd!

                       Ladies from back East. They asked Mike to take a pic of them. After, they
                                   looked at his outfit then asked if he had been surfing ha ha!

                                  Sheesh! no wonder the put me up front in the headwinds!

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