Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tandem Local Course

Yeah, the trail is getting so messed up that it's not even a joy to drive down there to ride in any longer. Gina really hasn't enjoyed it much lately. Spending the gas, the time traveling, the freeway traffic home, I figured we should give some thought to local roads. I was really surprised at how many riders are really out here on the local roads. Cool! That means it's safer for us figuring the locals and traffic knows there are cyclists out here and figure they take a little extra caution while driving.

I'm glad to say that every time we ride local, we encounter mostly courteous drivers. Yeah, one or two that will race to beat you to the corner to make a turn but that really doesn't bother me. I'd rather let them go while I back off a step keeping myself safe. Plus, a little breather, especially on the tandem ha ha!

Gina said she would ride her single so as not to punish me on the hills being a slower climber than I am. But that's cool, I'd rather suffer a little more on the hills to keep her safe on the roads. Though Gina really does have pretty good handling skills, she has made a couple errors that really frighten me on the road. Maybe twice, I have slowed at a yellow light, signaled, shouted out and for some reason, she doesn't react and blows the light from behind me as I am slowing. Shouting, "Oh! I didn't realized!".

She says they are little mistakes but I really don't think there an excuse. If I am up front, signaling the stop, shouting ahead of time, how can she not know? I'm a weenie head about making mistakes on the road and it usually ends up with me lecturing her but that's OK, she'll thank me later and does when she realizes how bad the move was. Only 2 or 3 times in the 10 years or so we have been on the road but to me, 1 time is too many! I don't believe anyone should get hurt or killed for a hobby. SO! Not knowing she hasn't ridden much or been on the tandem, I don't mind suffering a little more to keep us both safe. I just have to get it in my mind before the ride that I know I am going to suffer ha ha!

But really, it was a bit tougher than the trail with the up and down profile, a few 5-6% grades here and there but I really didn't think it was that bad. Gina said she was surprised that it was not as bad as she figured as well. I'm glad as that means we will be doing more riding around home. Saving gas, time, travel time and not having to smell the homeless piss on the trail! :-(

Big variance in temperature though! High of 96 degrees (pretty sure that was on the hill ha ha!), Minimum of 78 and an average of 86 according to Garmin. Not as hot as Gina expected and she actually says we could have done more.  But today was a test ride since we have never rode out that direction. Went well!

                                  The profeel! Not bad on paper but sure felt tougher than that ha ha!

Sometimes I can't decide between pics so Gina says post both! Up Mills

The motor! :-P

East on Baseline.Trucks aren't as bad as I expected. I can still smile and take  a pic in traffic!

Up Euclid to 16th

Ahh, end of ride and a little shade.

Happy it's over and really early. Finished at 11:30 vs the getting home at 4 pm traveling to the trail.

BTW, been practicing and learning my photography. I thought this was pretty cool. Saw it on youtube. Low lights, slow shutter speed, (10 seconds). I was swinging around one of the red tail lights (see it it cycling related :-P). I was moving around so I am just a blur but the light comes out! I think with a little practice and a plan, this could be some cool stuff!

I am in the picture, you just can't see me!

I was moving as much in this one, so I left it so you could see me, a bit.

Just messing with pics. This is Gina's whistle. I placed it on a mirror and took a shot to see how it would look. I might start marking my pics because there are a few people on facebook who end up with my pics, then send them (me or Gina in them)  to me saying they thought I might like to have it. Well yeah! I took the picture ha ha!

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