Sunday, April 10, 2011

Glen Helen/SART Weekend 04/10/11

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Gina and I decided to ride to Glen Helen on Saturday. Crazy gas prices! We had planned to start a DayCreek Park but something was going on and there was no parking so we used the park at Wardman/Bullock. Started out pretty cool and by the end of the ride, it started to rain lightly. Once we left the area, it cleared up, strange weather.

We hit the new loop off of GlenHelen PKWY. We needed a few more miles so we did it again haha. Figured once we were back at the park we do Banyan but the rain, sheesh! I figured it would clear but Gina though otherwise. Maybe it had something to do with hitting the hills for the first time in a while haha! Not much happening on SART but WOW what a nice day! Met a dude from Canyon Velo, one of JohnR's buddies. He also knew of the 3T TT with the SoCal Boyz. Says he'll be out there on Tuesday. Never did get his name. Also met up with Tony. One of the OC locals. Poor guy, had to deal with George and 50,000 questions about his bike haha! I thought it was 20 questions but George has this way!

Not much footage on Sunday so I mixed the short interviews with the Saturday ride to Glen Helen.

Tony and his Giant, CanyonVelo dude and Gina at Glen Helen in Devore. Plus me on the SART practicing some camera angles.

Hey, I just liked the song!

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