Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sikad ng Bayan Fun Ride (Saturday)

This was cool! One of those days you go home with a feeling knowing that the ride was a good experience. Yes, I ride here all the time but the people made the difference on this ride. WELL, WELL, Very WELL supported and again, the people are SUPER! I myself told Louie that I was only riding as a bandit but that I wanted to make a video and report for my blog etc. Louie mentioned that since I was promoting their ride I was welcomed to anything and everything. But being a self supported frequent flyer of the trail, I knew it was no sweat doing for myself. So after maybe 20 offers from Louie and other ride officials I stuck to my guns. I wasn't here for a handout eventhough Louie said after the short promo video I did that he'd take care of me if I covered the ride.

So on with the ride I went. WOW, lots of friendly riders. That is a first when just about everybody waves to the camera and smiles. I can't count the shouts I got, "Mr. Beanz!". Hey, every shout is a good thing IMO although I don't always know every rider. Heck, one guy even came up to introduce himself at the start, "Bowser" from the forums.

I took off with the metric riders heading to Santiago Canyon. Only for a bit on the trail for some footage. Then doubled back for the 44 milers who were to remain on the trail throughout. That gave me a chance to see just how many riders were on this ride, I was shocked and the number is growing. So I headed out with the 44 milers and just hung on the back so that I wouldn't be in the way while being able to maneuver around with the recorder. I'd shoot off the front then plant myself on a ramp hoping to get some pics. It was dark out and though I got a few ride pics, my skills are lacking in low light situations ha ha!

First SAG stop was Edna Park. Holy smokes! There was chicken adobo, ham, and all kinds of food there. I met Jerry (Chairman) who also turned out to be a super guy. More food offers but I again I stuck to my guns. But the people more more than nice, all of them. The volunteers were great. So I headed to the coast just cruising along trying to conserve energy. I do this ride all the time but believe it or not, doubling back, sprinting ahead, trying to catch backup really takes some energy. Plus I'm getting old ha ha! Met some super people along the way. Some good chit chat and some darn good riders cranking along. I'd hang on long enough for some footage but if I try to stay there, I'd be toast.

So I meet a couple of great gals near the coast and we ride together (Velo Avanti, hope I got it right). They were pretty happy to be on the ride and good company throughout the ride. Then on to meet Gregg and his lovely wife Lillybeth at the SAG stop on the coast. Wonderful people and Gregg a Super nice guy! He too had a recorder and a few cameras so he had to be cool ha ha ha! I did have to edit this section with the names as I got them wrong. I told you Gregg was cool, no hard feelings over the mistake and he excused me ha ha!

Heading back I once again crossed the Edna rest stop. More offers of food but I passed again.............UNTIL! Jerry hit me up with some steak! OH NO WAY could I pass this up. I should have taken a picture. Instant drool! Well heck, I might as well take a roll too. Well a little bit but still sticking to my guns when I could.

So I head off and catch more of the riders on tape, sitting in for a spell while I could. I get back to the park only to find tables of food served by gorgeous women!Oh my garsh! I thought I was in heaven but again, sticking to my guns. I sat around for a bit then as I planned to head out Louie asked me if I wanted to eat. I told him I was on my way out. Honestly, I have a hard time eating right after a ride. A good breakfast and bar on the ride (not to mention some steak and a roll), usually takes me a bit before I can eat. But he insisted, grabbed a plate and had the Goddesses of Grub serve me up 2 PLATES OF FOOD! Wow, Louie said he'd take care of me if I made a video but 2 PLATES was way too much for me. Great food though! The teriyaki chicken was to die for! Wow, the food they had, speechless I am! Just when I thought it was done, they roll in another hog. Wow, I have nothing left to say.

So the volunteers were all great. The Coast SAG volunteers Super nice guy Gregg and his wife Lillybeth. Red, Jerry, Ben, and Louie all took care of me. They were super people! Louie invited me back for next year. I told him I was impressed and that I'd sign up for the ride next year. He said nope, show up, do the ride and make a video and he'd take care of me again. Hmm, maybe I better let him watch the video before he makes that decision ha ha! Again, a super bunch of people including volunteers. I still can't believe the $60 includes a jersey!

I found a couple of Santana songs that were perfect for the video but wouldn't you know it, YT disabled the video in a few countries and the Philippines was one of them.


  1. Hey Sir Beanz,

    I was out on the trail yesterday as well. I got out at 6:30am and hit Edna around 8-ish, where I saw the folks setting up the station. I wondered what it could be about because, boy, they were stocked to the gills.

    I rode the SART to PCH and took that to SGRT, where I turned back. Once I came close to the SART again, I saw all the riders. This was around 10:30 or so. The trail was packed! It was a very different experience from the usual cycling alone. Some parts were like one long pelaton.

    I kept looking for you out there so I could say HI but I guess you got a later start. Nice to know what it was all about, though. Thanks for the update.

    Don't forget to stay away May 1, when the marathon pushes through! (I'm going to see the turnout but I'll be sure to keep my Giant off the trail.)

  2. Yes sir Ken, they were stocked well haha! We hit the trail about 7:45 so I was done in Yorba about 11:30 (give or take). Much earlier than my usual hehe! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Thanks Mr. Beanz for the video. I see a alot of myself in your video. It's awesome that you made this one. You are one fast biker.
    I'm at the 8:54 and 11:54 clip of your video.

    Paul C.

  4. Thanks Paul! Glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks a million for the comment, nice to know that others like the videos as much as I do ha ha!

  5. Ahh I gotcha Paul! I checked out the times you mention. Heck you and lots of fast guys out there that day! ;-)

  6. heh heh.. Thanks.. Alot of those guys were fast. I was just pacing along.. See you again..