Saturday, October 15, 2011

GMR 10/15/11...Not Good!

Sorry sound on video disabled by youtube. I disputed the issue but they seem to have let it sit there with no action so I deleted it in order to avoid any strikes against my account. That and I think videos without any sound are just plain ugly ha ha!

Not a good day but a good day because we were on GMR ha ha! Looking at the forecast all week, I kept telling Gina it looked warm but she insisted it was going to be cool. Ooooookay! Plenty of clouds but not cool, warm in my standards but Gina and Alyce seemed to think the heat was on. Maybe more humid but definitely sweat conditions. Starting at 11 am didn't help much!

So we head up and right from the get go the gals are struggling. Almost witnessed a puking contest about 3 miles up ha ha. But they pressed on being the troopers they are. About 5 miles up we ran into Matt for a few words. Nice, that gave the gals some time to get ahead. After a chat we remount and make the first turn, what the hey, there they are. I thought they would be at the shack by now ha ha!

They're pretty much toasted by now so the plan is to crawl up while Herb and I hit up the shack for a quick turn around. They can join us on the way down. So Herb and I take off only to see GMR on her way down. A quick fly by hello, not to be rude, just trying to get up and back trying to limit the gals suffering. But Matt did tell us that you hit up the village today, Nice!

So Herb and I press on for a bit thinking we're cranking up the mountain when we hear a voice from behind. It's Jason, "I'm here to help you lift your pace." What they hey, my pace was lifted ha ha! Short chat then Jason says we should do some intervals. Uh sure! I think not then it hit me, if I do, we'll get to the shack sooner. I try to lift the pace a bit but feel my front end floating. Darn, another flat! Perfect timing, I was just about to show Jason my mountain top sprint, lucky for him.

Slow leak and I'm annoyed already with the flats. Not a cheap tire and who in the heck gets a flat on the front? It was a slow leak, 2 slow leaks (at home repair). So I have to left Jason have this one as herb and I stop for a quick check of the damage. Slow leak, forget it, I;m airing it up and heading down. just too annoyed, too hot for the gals and if I have to stop and air it up on the way down, it'll give me a chance to take more pics or something, I dunno!

We just about made it to the drop down before the shack but heck with it, we're heading back. We turn around and the gals are only about 100 yards behind us ha ha!

A couple of "for the records". Jason is a bad dude (but modest for a bad dude) and my account of an actual race is in humor. Gina wants viewers to know that even though she looks like she is in front in the pics and videos, it was only because we stopped and restarted several times.

She actually asked me to call the Wha-mbulace for her. That will explain the song of choice for today ha ha!

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