Sunday, October 2, 2011

SART 10/02/11

Figured we'd go big on Sunday since we didn't ride on Saturday. Greenriver to the coast and 59 miles. Aimee, El Monarcha, and Gina all in for the ride. I had to check out the newly paved section near Greenriver. Yeah it's newly paved ha ha!

We did limit our stops so that we (Gina and I) could get to the chicken and ribs place we so like after a good ride. Nice lunch special but we have to be there by 4 pm. We made it with one minute to spare. We usually start our rides late so we figured we'd cut it close.

So all went fine, from the Leaky Fountain to Greenriver and back. But near the 22 Gina began to fade. Gina and Aimee had been switching places off and on so when I saw Aimee behind me, I had no idea Gina had fallen back. The plan was to re water at Edna Park and we were about a mile away. So I waved the other two on then fell back for Gina. She was struggling a bit but after a short break and a Clif Bar she actually recovered pretty well on the final windy section to the coast. Bob and Greg did show up at Edna for a quick friendly hello.

At the coast some dude from Germany walked up and introduced himself as Mat, riding a fixie. Made a few nice comments about El Monarcha's bike then headed off after a few short words. He is a lurker on the forums too!

Nice long ride so I'm pretty sure she earned her lunch special today ha ha! So after the ride we headed to the joint. $5.50 for some tasty ribs (pork or beef), chicken (breast and drum stick), rice, coleslaw and a roll? I'm good! No, I don't get free lunch for advertising, just that it's a pretty darn good deal. We'll have to go there after a GMR ride sometime. Citrus and Huntington Dr (or is it Rt 66 at that point?). Either way, across from Azusa Pacific. Small place, looks like and old Wendy's building(?) but tasty and cheap. Oh, and refills on the fountain drinks are only 25 cents.

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  1. Looks like they've opened the new stretch along the southern banks of the river at the top of Green River. Finally!