Sunday, February 5, 2012

GMR 02/05/12

Nice day on GMR. Leave to Alyce to choose a GMR ride. Just when you think you're going to do a slacker ride she suggest GMR ha ha!. Well always a nice ride and a good tasty chicken & ribs lunch special after the ride.

Herb & Alyce did a 46 mile loop on Saturday so I figured they'd have a tough time today. Hm, might have been a slow start but once they warmed up, it wasn't all that bad. Heck, once we got to the shack we saw a plane doing tricks somewhere along GRR. So Alyce suggested we go look for it. I'm game but once we got there, the plane vanished. We at around a bit then it returned for one final trick (in the video).We sat around for a bit thinking ti might come back. But it didn't, Dude, wassup!

There plenty of riders and crotch rockets on the road. So on our way back from GRR I slowed at the fork to make sure it was clear when the gals came though. That's when heard a voice from the side of the road shout,"can I get a picture for bike forums?".
Ha ha! Turns out to be Chefxian from the SoCal section. We chat for a bit about rides but then I must leave to catch the others. Pretty cool guy! Funny how the forum personalities are usually pretty different in person. Nice to meet the guy, gives me some faith that there are still some good friendly members out there that I haven't met yet ha ha!

I also ran into JasonA of the forum. Well should I say he blew past us like an F-16. I swear I have never ever seen anybody moving that fast up GMR. Well I guess that explains why he placed so well on the Everest Challenge!


  1. I enjoyed your video.....great being able to see what some of you guy's get up to on your bikes over there.....


    1. Thanks Trevor, glad you enjoy them. If you ever get the chance to do GMR, don't miss out! ;-)

  2. I am enjoying this site and visit it often. I found your site last year while researching the fatal accident of Kevin Unck. I have been riding GMR a couple times a week since October and saw the memorial display for Kevin and wanted to know more about him and what happened. The information was found in the web site It contained a link to your site and now I am hooked on reading your blog and watching the videos. Yesterday on GMR I noticed that Kevin’s memorial is gone. I am sorry to see it gone, but it was nice to know it was there for at least a year. I always looked forward to seeing the memorial and even though I did not know Kevin, I would sometimes say a little prayer for him as I rode by. As a cyclist, I feel a bond for others who share my passion for cycling.

  3. Hey thanks for the cool words Jimbo! Glad you enjoy the blog! ;-)...Sorry to hear Kevin's memorial is gone.;-(