Sunday, February 19, 2012

SART 02/19/12

A 42 miler with Gina on SART today. Legs a bit burnt today so I let Gina pull me around the trail. We ran into the Ambassador Louie at Edna Park. Pretty proud of their new registration sheet, he's passing them out to everybody he sees. Well heck, ride with jersey included, NICE! We talk a bit then Scott and Lois ride up. Out of State vacationers making their way to all the local trails, cool deal.

As we get back on the trail we run into the Legend Greg. He waited for us to pull up but it was just a quick hello then he vanished. No way my legs were willing to even attempt keeping up with The Legend.

Not long after we see ABEC heading the opposite direction. He turns around to ride with us to the coast. He's at the start of a video career so he shows off his Contour recorder. Nice, but whatever you do, don't fiddle with it on the bike ha ha! He dropped the cover along the trail. So we stopped and waited for him to recover the piece. But um, today I was glad to find any excuse for a break ha ha!

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