Sunday, July 8, 2012

SART 7/8/12

Another 42 miles on SART with Gina and Aimee. After our short warm up of 7 miles to Imperial we saw LewisAClark roll by, chance for another pic. As we rolled into the beach stop some dudes asked if I was Mr. Beanz. Yup, that is me ha ha! Turns out I met one of the dudes before. These guys introduced themselves as Gene and Oliver (Pyrenees1 on the forums). Nice guys , we had some laughs but they left rather quickly, after a group shot of course.

Soon after rolled up The Legend Greg with some bad news. Bad bob broke his shoulder on a tour in Italy. I'm thinking the Giro but not quite sure as I didn't have a chance to watch it this year ha ha! Hopefully he heals quickly cause the recorder misses him ha ha! Some bike talk with Greg then he rolled back with us to our stop, then continued on alone.

At the coast I also had a chance to chat with a new bud Rick. He said hello a couple times over the last few weeks but this was the first chance I had to chat with the dude. He's not much into the net stuff but pretty cool fella. If ya see him, say hi! He sure looks happy to be on the bike!


                                                      Pyrenees1 in red with the Boyz

                                                      Gene (yellow stripe) with the Gang

                                                Ultimate Cycling out of Rancho Cucamonga


                                           15,000 Mile per year Julie and The Legend Greg

                                                                    Glad to be back

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