Sunday, July 29, 2012

SART 7/29/12

Sunday was another 42 miles on the trail with Gina and Jose (El Monarcha). Another stiff headwind, but when isn't it ha ha! Quickly ran into PinoybenterRon. Nice to see him after a long time without having a chance to chat. Later in the ride we would pick up LewisAClark who joined in our little fight the wind line. I would have to say that I was tired this day so having reinforcements was great. Both dudes, Jose and LAC took good strong pulls and lead the way to the coast, nice!

At the coast we had a short visit with Jordan and met an interesting dude named Rambler. Wow, what a nice Colnago. He had some nice stuff, seat post and stem painted to match the bike as well as some custom decals on his wheels. Pleasant girlfriend and lots of good humor from the guy! Forgot to dd that Rambler met Ernesto and had his bike signed in ink. He has it covered up with some 3M clear tape to keep it protected.

Gina's sons were at the coast having some beach fun so we rode down the way for a visit. Along with a visit with grand kids I got a piece of chicken so I was happy.

Saturday visits and a short bit or ride footage was mixed in with this video. 

PinoyBenter (Ron)

                                                       Rambler and his fine looking Colnago

                                                     Rambler and his fine looking girlfriend

                                                            Gina and 31 year old son

                                                             Gina and 27 year old son

                                                             Gina and granddaughter



                                                                  Gina and grandsons

                                                        One of the In law dudes

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