Saturday, August 4, 2012

SART 8/4/12

Very nice day today on the trail and at the coast. Gina sat our resting for tomorrow's GMR ride so I rode with an old friend Tony. Old friend not only as in friends for 35 years but also as in old ha ha! Jose ( El Monarcha) also joined us for the ride. I figured we could take turn pulling since it was just the 3 of us. Went pretty well for the most part. On the return we were joined by Pete, Mark and Rick. Hung together for the most part but trying to record and ride with one hand at 23 mph gets pretty tiring. I'd hang in there till I got tired then reach back to place the recorder in my jersey pocket with hopes to recover. Happened several times but just when I get ready to relax, another rider would come to the front and lift the pace. At one point Tony was doing 25 and I just couldn't recover so I said I'm dropping back. He eased the pace so that I could recover but just then Mark  went around and blasted off. At this point I couldn't respond. We had done a good pace into the wind earlier so I was cooked and had no choice but to back off for a breath of fresh air. t this point I just sat up and figured I'd do my own pace but Pete hung back with me. We rode side by side for a bit then I recovered some so we lifted the pace back up a bit. Pete was still looking strong so he offered his wheel then trowed me in! I did get a little fried today but it's cool, set a few Strava PR's and an 18 mph average.

Oh, forgot to mention the bad part of the ride. 7 miles in I get stung on the thigh by a bee, hate those little suckers! ;-(

At the coast we met up with a few friends, Alex2, Steve the senior skating champion and  The Ambassador Louie. Along with Ray Clone and Ron minus the Dixie. The two guys were on a century from Encanto Park. That would give Ray a good chance to experience his new bike, carbon Torelli. Looked pretty happy with it, should it's a sweet bike!

Hey, I gave him that as a present on his birthday!

                                                  Henry training for his 4000 mile tour

                                                        Alex showing off his new jersey


                                                  Louie showing off his Sikad Bayan jersey

                                                  Pete showing off his inner thoughts

                                                      Pete showing off his serious look

                                                    Ray Clone showing off his new carbon

                                                            TC showing off his glasses

                                                       TC showing of his HR monitor

                                                      Ray Clone showing off his bike

                                                   Ray Clone showing off his thumb

                                       Champion skater Steve (left) showing off his friend Mark

                                                 Rick showing off his Specialized Logos

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