Saturday, August 25, 2012

SART 8/25/12

Saturday was a nice ride. Since we had done the 100 the weekend before I told Gina my plan was to go out for a nice slower pace ride just to relax the legs. Not that we felt bad or tired from the century but I know how nice a good slow relaxing ride can feel after a bigger effort.

So Herb and Alyce decided to join us for the ride, along with Jose. Jose had asked several times if he should take the front. Nope, I'm fine I told him. He continued to suggest I call him to the front if I need help. I told him the plan was to keep the pace a little lower for a reason. After the ride he said, "wow I feel so good like I could ride forever!". Well I could have and Gina could surely have gone faster and harder but see, that's why I was sticking to the ride plan. Sometimes discipline means a little more than speed when it comes to feeling good about a ride or after a ride. ;-)

After the ride we stuck around to get a few fish lip kisses for the camera, it was that girls' idea. They talked Herb into a couple of pics and tried to talk me into it but uh no, Mr. Beanz don't pose like that ha ha!

Alyce did have a flat toward the beginning of the ride. I was actually sort of happy she did. We had just seen Jose and a couple of River Velo riders at the Honda Center park. I told them they probably wouldn't see us because we'd be doing 26+ on the way to Imperial. Uh yeah, we were and uh yeah, that's when Alyce got the flat so uh yeah we were ha ha!

Also Saw Ron and Dixie on their tandem playing keep away from a group of riders chasing. I didn't think any of the riders would catch them but later Ron said one rider did. Wow, I'm surprised cause Ron and Dixie are freakin' fast on their tandem. We also saw Mark, Pete, and Alex2 on the road heading the opposite direction. Saw them at the coast too before the headed out for a taco. We didn't hang around as long as usual at the coast. Had things to do so we skedaddled!

In the video, Herb tossed the tube into the bushes. That was all show, he did pick it up then took it home for patching. None of our ride partners are litter bugs!  ;-)

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