Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another HOT ride

41.5 more miles with Gina today. Aimee joined in for the ride. Average temp says 96.1. Warmer than yesterday's temps but we were out there longer so that explain the drop in temp on Saturday. 111 max reading according to Garmin Connect. That was at a water stop with the bike sitting in direct sunlight at about 12:30. Pretty surprised Gina could hold on to a 16.0 average on the second day after a long ride. Pretty tough day for me, the heat and the headwind.  Ran into LewisAClark for a bit, other than that, just a hot ride.

Oh, I did bump into Mark at the start of the ride. Few words about his new bike shop (Mark & Dave's). Located on the Southwest corner of Carnelian and Baseline (Sunrise Center next to Smart & Final). Glad it is going well. Mark is the one mechanic I have trusted since I met the guy back in 1996. I don't deal much with bike shops anymore since doing my own but if I ever need something, Mark does it right....the first time, no games! He has since we met. No I do not get paid to say this, it's the truth! ;-)

                                                            Heading back into the heat

                                        Mark and his cool jersey representin' his new bike shop


                                                                            Hot Aimee

OK, when I need a break but don't want anybody to know I'm tired, I drop my water bottle. Gina drops the lens from her sunglasses ha ha!

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