Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Claremont Hills Wilderness Park 1/15/13 ....MTB

 It's back, the SART Journal ongoing thread Here it is in the SoCalBikeforums.com forum under "Ride Reports"..or just follow the link.

                SART Journal 2013

Had a chance to slip in an MTB ride at Claremont Hills Wilderness Park. Managed to get in 2 loops hoping to get back some fitness. Hmm ha ha ha!

Ran into a dude name Obay (spelling?) at the end of my ride. Had a nice chat, cool dude does some MTB and hiking. Mostly DH and Cross Country MTB when it comes to bikes.

Strange thing, I saw a gal in black shorts and a blue top running down the hill. I was about a mile into the climb. As I approached the top, I saw her again. Now either there is a set of twins running around up there or that lady is pretty darn fast to complete 4 miles in the time I ride 2 ha ha!

10 mile ride with some good dirt climbs

                             Winter time in California....only in California, only in California ha ha!

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