Saturday, January 5, 2013

SART 1/5/13

OK, so I like posting the pics in cycling forums as well. I think it is time to restart the "SART Journal" thread. An ongoing thread updated after every ride, well I try. This is how I first started posting pics and stuff. A nice way for forum members to recognize one another and find new friends. I know several riders that have made friends with others through the thread and the blog.

So here it is in the forum under "Ride Reports"..or just follow the link.

SART Journal 2013

With Gina still sick, Jose and I headed out alone. Jose is  a pretty strong rider but never really get to show his stuff since he usually rides behind Gina and I when we ride. Today was his chance. We rotated at the front which made for a nice break between pulls. About 3 miles from the coast we ran into a dude I had met at the beach stop before. I was really surprised as most times you pick up a rider, he sucks wheel then sprints around trying to drop us. This guy was cool, we rode up  on him but immediately he came to the front and offered to pull. Made for a nice ride and at 6'4, a good draft for me ha ha! We spoke at the beach for a bit and it turns out we had a chat last year. New bike, now I see why I didn't recognize him! Nice steel Torelli! Pretty sure his name is Tim.

Jose and I were resting at the coast when others came up, Alex2,, Terrible Tim, Jordan with his flat, and another dude I hadn't seen in a while. Dan and his Bianchi sportin' a thin saddle he describes as carbon fiber on a potato chip. Man that thing is thin!

Jose and I ended up heading out alone but soon ran into Evil Euro. Funny , we rolled by and I didn't even recognize the guy. Maybe cause he's been working out, a little body sculpting maybe?  He did catch back yup to us once he realized who we were ( I think). Either way, it was cool to chat with him for a short while.

Strange thing, on the way back I saw Tammy turn around right before we approached. She started kicking it up but I couldn't figure out what she was doing. After a mile or two I see Alan heading to the coast. I'm not sure but I think he was crying. Then I see Tammy turn around again and head after Alan. Ah, now I see, Tammy was riding circles around him. Poor Alan, he looked pretty beat and Tammy looked like she was having fun working Alan. ;-)

                                            Alex2, only 70 cause it was too cold for 100 Ha ha!

                                                    Dan's carbon on a potato chip saddle

                                                                       Jose and Dan

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