Monday, December 31, 2012

SART 50 Miler With Pete 12/31/12

Nice 50 miler with Pete today. Again the wind seemed to come from all angles so it was another ride without a tailwind. Pete and I had lunch near the pier but not without a short visit with Bad Bob on the way. Lunch then headed back where we ran into Jordan and Gistand at the usual beach stop.

When we first got to the coast we ran into BeachGrad05  who was on a mission to finish the 500 kilometer challenge on Strava, she did Wow! We had a few words, couple of pics then she was off for her final few miles. Ran into my neighbor's nephew Jeremy. I've spoken with him before at Uncle Dave's place but Jeremy caught me way off guard wearing cycling duds. Also met another dude named Jesus. He seemed interested in our conversation so hey, let's get him on camera ha ha!

I did try a different setting on the Go Pros. 720/60fps just to see the difference. I know it loads much faster to YT which is a plus and the slo-mo looks a little better but I just have a hard time liking the wide lens fish eye look. Oh well, I'll give it a chance.

The GoPro on my handlebars was the GP3 White and the hand held GP I used to pan was the GP2. No results yet from the comparison ha ha!

ATTENTION Gistand: Big Vic says he wants to assemble a huge recumbent ride this year. Hook up with him by visiting his youtube channel "iberevbrick" if you are really interested in meeting up with the guys!



                                                      Gistand on his "pimped out" Cat Trike

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