Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MTB Claremont Hills Wilderness Park

Had a chance to ride the MTB today for a test run with the new Go Pro. Trying to figure out the helmet mount, handlebar mount positions. Oh, and the between the legs seat post mount ha ha! I'm guessing the guys that can mount it on the seat post have some skinny legs. I had to ride with my legs apart like a bow legged pregnant lady ha ha! Not bad but I'm not so sure I see any advantages over my Flip.

I do know it takes for ever to load an HD video. 1080-6 minutes took 3 hours on my computer whereas the Flip takes me about 40 minutes. Not so sure I see a big enough difference in quality. That's just me though, maybe my eyes are old. High speed Verizon DSL but we will be getting cable at the end of the week so hopefully it's a faster, better be according to what the cable rep at Best Buy says.

I climbed the east side of the trail (I forget the names). I have to say the damp ground made the climbing feel twice the workout. I was sweating bullets. Maybe my legs are just getting old along with my eyes ha ha! Ran into some dude and his friend at the little gazebo on top of the trail. He says walking is better with better traction, maybe I should have walked he he he! Dude's name is Victor and his camera shy friend Jackie.

The cool thing is that the upper parking lot is being enlarged. Looked totally different and closed for now but  it'll be a blessing once it's done. Heck, I don't MTB nearly as much as I did a few years back because I can never find parking.

All in all a cool day but I better load in a lower resolution till the cable guy comes!

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