Saturday, November 24, 2012

SART 11/24/12

Another 42 with Gina on SART today riding the singles.  Very late start. Seems we haven't gone to bed any earlier that 2 am over the holiday weekend. Yeah, I set the alarm for 7 am but end up resetting it for 9:30 ha ha. Well today we didn't even start the ride till 12 noon. Seems to be a little more wind on the way to the coat but less traffic on the trail so it ain't all that bad.

With the late start and the way it looked yesterday we expected to be pretty much alone as far as familiar riders. But as soon as we pulled into HB, we were right behind Herb & Alyce who had just finished their Bay Bay section of their loop. Then Alex2 appeared out of thin air. Next JohnR and his main squeeze pull up on a tandem (she's a marathon stud).  Yes JohnR, forum member and Everest Challenge stud! I believe he has one or two records on EC as far as tandem category. I didn't realize it at the time but I believe he  is was wearing the jersey today as seen in the pics. Unless he has some other championship he hasn't mention. Ya never know, the guy is strong! I like JohnR! Much like JMX, the guys are badazz's but yet still find the time to stop, or slow on the bike to say hello or a friendly chat. These guys are keeping it real! Got to admire that!

Then Mark and Gail show up for a visit. Thought maybe we'd have big group for the return but Herb & Alyce had to leave so they headed out. The way back was nice! Mark kept a good steady pace for most of the return. I took a pull then Gail and Gina switched off a bit. Always nice to have a few buds along for the ride!

BTW, Mark's comments along with Alex's were not coached or blackmail ha ha! The two guys were talking about the videos, blog and how it has been a good deal for local cyclists getting to know one another. I did not pay them ha ha! So thanks for the good words guys! 

JohnR & Leslie

                                                                    Herb & Alyce

                                                                   Mark and Alex2

                                                                    Gina and Gail

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