Saturday, November 10, 2012

Windy SART 11/10/12

My Garsh what a windy ride! Our first time back on the trail in 5 weeks. Windy, chilly and (did I say) WINDY? But at least we got to ride. Couple of GMR rides and lots of birthday parties over the last couple of weeks made this ride tough. 41 miles figuring I'd use it as an easy ride to get my new shoes fitted properly but it turned out more of a struggle. One of those rides where the wind seems to be against you in all directions. Rarely do I get a ride like this, one way with wind and a tailwind back. Today, we head south, big headwind. We cross a bridge heading west, headwind, cross east, headwind, then return north, BIGGER headwind. Too much time off the bike and too many parties! Hopefully we can get back on track and make it through the holidays.

We ran into Herb & Alyce for a short chat. Not sure but I think Alyce was still in her pajamas ha ha! OK, so it was a huge tee shirt. I'm so used to seeing Alyce in tank tops, I didn't even recognize them when they rolled by. A fly by from The Legend Greg and a shout "Frijoles" from OCTICO,  chat with Alex2 at the coast and a visit with Tammy & Alan.

Alyce did tell us that a due named Victor from Mission Viejo recognized her form the videos. I';m not sure who it was or maybe the old age is getting to me ha ha!

Gina happy it's about over

                                                  Alex2...too cold, too windy, no smile!

                                                      Sand is in the air, darn wind!

                                                      Jose after the warm up stretch

                                                               Alyce and her lollipop

                                                                Alyce in her pajamas?

                                              Herb waiting for Alyce to finish her lollipop

                                                                    Tammy & Alan

                                     Windy, clear view of Catalina but some very choppy water

                                        Alan punished again. Tammy sat him in his corner ha ha!

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