Friday, November 23, 2012

SART Tandem 11/23/12

                     A nice 42 mile ride on SART with Gina. Figured we'd ride the tandem again for kicks. Got a late start so the trail was not very crowded at all. Pretty uneventful other than a quick hello while crossing paths with Condorita till we reached Edna Park where we ran into Big Vic and his crew. Big Vic has a youtube channel and has left comments on my videos so that is where I discovered that he covers a big range of coastal rides. He claims there are more chicks and bikinis in his area, I've watched his videos and yeah, I've seen a few. His channel is "iberevbrick". He's got a bold but mellow voice so his commentaries are entertaining. Sometimes giving you the feeling of listening to a radio dj casting out dedications to the audience ha ha!

Big Vic and his buddies ride Cat Trikes. Pretty cool machines. a bit scary with the stopping power as demonstrated by Carlton, along with a story of a scary panic stop and some knuckles to the back of the head from another rider. Let's just say, those things can STOP! We chat for a while, record each other then we're off to the coast.

Time change makes things look weird. 1:30 pm looks more like 5 pm. The sun on one side of the trail and the moon on the other. Hmm, I didn't even know that was possible, now I know ha ha! Near the coast we see Bad Bob and Ben heading inland. Looking back toward the coast, wow was it foggy! From half a mile back, PCH wasn't visible. The beach empty while the sun tries to crack through the clouds. It did for about 30 seconds then vanished once again. To cold to hang out there so we jammed!

Right as we were leaving the coast, I saw JMX approaching the coast. Looking like he had been working pretty hard. I guess he was after looking at Strava times. Wow, the dude can fly! He did catch us on the return. Always nice enough to stop for a chat then he zoomed off  at JMX speed. You know, next time we meet, I'm going to have to check that guys bike for one of those hidden seat tube motors ha ha!


                                                      Big Vic (iberevbrick on youtube)




                                         Caught in the act. That's why I set the timer on 3 shots

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