Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wet MTB Miles

Only about 7 miles as I went looking for some rain. Looked like pretty good rain from indoor but once I got out on the trail, wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to get drenched but had to settle for wet and dirty. What can you expect from So Cal? My main objective was to test the Go Pro 3 in wet conditions. OK, so much  for the Rain X advice given by Go Pro. It didn't do squat as far as keeping water off the lens. I'm thinking it would have been different had it been a drenching rain. I guess I'll have to take up scuba diving ha ha!

BTW, Go Pro suggests using Rain X to keep the lens clear in the rain. If Rain X is not available, try licking the lens, they say it works well. Obviously my Rain X was not working so I licked the lens. The mixture of Rain X, rain and mud made for one yucky nasty taste ha ha ha!

But at the end of the ride the GP3 was dry and protected much more than my poor muddy bike.

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