Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nuttin' But Music Weekend

Had to much family over for the holiday weekend so I couldn't break away for some riding so I played my guitar instead. My brother did a few songs for me, he sings much better than I do. He didn't know "Fire" but did very well anyway. Hadn't heard "Baby It's You" by the Beatles in a long time but he did it much better than I ever could. He did seem to know "Kansas City " without reading the words so ti came out good!

I did Burning Love on my own earlier that day on my own. I used a beat box thing I found on line (metronome). I had no idea how to use it but I set it good enough to do the song ha ha! I'm no pro but liek cycling, you don';t have to be to have fun! :-)

My 10 year old grandsons did the video work for us! :-)

Me by myself trying some Elvis


  1. Hi Beanz, your brother sounded good. Your version of Burning Love went well with the music box thing.
    Can you add your songs to your videos? Youtube shouldn't have a problem with you adding your own music. What do you think?

    1. Hey thanks Jimbo! I just might have to try using the music. Although my Burning Love song did earn me a copyright notice from youtubie. They allowed the song but hey, if they mistake me for Elvis, then I have to be happy about that ha ha!