Saturday, April 26, 2014

25 Miles...or So!

Been a little too long off the bike but now it's time to start getting in some miles. We were thinking about a few more today but the wind was not Gina's friend today. That's OK though because we did not see too many riders on the trail. I think the wind forecast might have spooked a few so just riding today was a win. We started with Jose but he stopped at Edna Park for a pit stop while we continued. I figured with the wind he'd easily catch us before too long. Wrong! I guess there was a line at the boy's room so it took him a bit to remount. He caught us about a mile before we hit the coast.

At the coast, not a soul while we were there. OK, maybe 2 riders stopped for a minute or two but quickly left. The sandblasting was too much for them I guess ha ha! We waited around to see if any of our usual buds would show but no dice so we left. Very uneventful day but a nice ride. Gina says she had a bad day but I say, wind will do that to you. I don't think she did, it was the wind that made it tough.


  1. Looks like a good ride. My wife and I were just talking about you helping get me up GMR a year ago. :) 4/20/13 I couldn't find the video, can you point me to it? Thanks!

    1. Sorry Mark. You tube had a period where they decided to go through my videos and dock a point for copyright issues. They muted some of my videos and threatened to delete my account if I acquired another point. So it was more than likely one I had to delete or was deleted by YT. Strange because they haven't bothered me for quite some time now. Not sure why they did back then. Really sucked because I had to delete some vids I really liked like our night time GMR ride.