Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hillbasher & Puddingstone

Had a chance to ride today with an old ride partner Hillbasher. We've done some good climbing together in the past but as I've mentioned elsewhere, we haven't done as much riding lately. I believe Hillbasher hasn't been on the bike in over a year. The name Hillbasher is his name relating to his passion for hiking. He's done some big stuff like the Sierras and other multi day back packing hiking trips.

So we set out to do this ride as the local mountain road was closed due to red flag warnings and fire danger. Probably a good thing because today's average temp was 95 and the hills we climbed were torture ha ha! Legs were fine but the stomach would go empty on every climb. Like a major zap from the heat. Usually the heat does not zap us this much but the lack of riding has seemed to take away the acclimation factor.

Hillbasher thought I was a little crazy wearing an under layer in the heat. I explained it's for bug protection, mainly bees. He still thought I was crazy till I showed him the pic of my face back when the bee got me right between the eyes! :-P

17 miles 1332 ft and an average temp of 95.


  1. we will have to get together again for a ride sometime in the near future

    1. Sure Aaron. Maybe another organized ride or GMR ride once I get back into some kind of shape. I see your Strava and you are riding your butt off, GREAT job! :-)