Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday SART 1/17

36 miles @ 16.5 average. Well it was a nice day, an average of 76 degrees according to my Garmin. Mike and Jose joined us today. For once a day with not a ton of wind. Although it felt that way after skipping last week and the rain. But we had a nice ride and Gina did well.  Ran into Marcello and George at the coast. These guys have the toughest "wannabe friends?" requirements. I remember a while back they had a new rider with them. First time out, 85 miles. I told them they were crazy having the new guy ride 85. Their response, "hey, if you want to be our friend? Ha ha ha! Well I guess George was off the bike for 3 months, did a ride then off another 2 months. So today he shows, up, 85 miles ha ha! Well if you want to be friends? Ha ha ha ha these guys are crazy! :-P

                                                   Gina's energy drink kicking in! :-P

                                           George, Marcello, and a new buddy they met.

                                                       George showing off his curls! :-P

                                                                  Chillin' Gina

                                         Mike taking a picture of his own. Competition eh?

                                                                  Jose's idea of a smile!

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