Saturday, January 24, 2015

Windy As Snot Ride

The Windy Video! Me, Gina, and Mike. Caught a glimpse of Bad Bob, a chat with Jordan as well as some Great Gazoo ride footage ha ha! It was blowing pretty good but heck, we rode anyway. Went really well but the last couple miles Gina really suffered. The wind took its toll! :-P 36 miles @ 14.6 average.

Great Gazoo chat - 2:55
Great Gazoo taking the pull - 9:10
Bad Bob  - 9:45

                                                              California Winter!

                                                              Trees were blowing!

                                                                       Pretty day!

                                                                 Diggin' the beach!

                            For the Flinstone fans, we met up with the Great Gazoo today ha ha ha!

                                                      Jordan (The Great Gazoo ha ha!)

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