Saturday, February 28, 2015

No Drip Travel Size Container ???

Have you noticed the MIO containers are leak proof? We use water bottles on the bikes that are of the CamelBack brand. You can turn them upside down and they don't leak unless you squeeze them. NO DRIPS! Well after using this MIO stuff for a few days I noticed they have the same technology built into their small bottles. Only about 3 inches high. I took one apart and filled it with water. Closed it back up then tested it. YUP! Doesn't leak. I figure this would be something useful for taking along things like cream or fluids of some sort on sporting adventures. Sometimes one has a cream, sun block or something to take along but doesn't want to lug around a 12 inch container. Pretty cool I think!

Just over 3 inches, perfect for travel! The container is filled with water and I'm holding it over my keyboard, NO DRIPS! :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing this observation ref the non drip containers Mr Beanz....could prove useful on my up coming trip...

    1. Cool little deal, glad it might help you! :-)