Saturday, March 14, 2015

Warming Up!

Hot ride today but at least we got a chance to ride. The minimum temp was 93 according to my Garmin. 36 miles @ 16 average, not bad for not much time on the bike. Gina suffered on the way back but hey, we rode! :-P Started with Jose then had Mark and Gail join us on the return. Gail has been watching her intake and wow, 20 lbs lighter. It shows, little skinny Mini! :-P



                                                 Wow, Gail dropped 20 lbs, looking skinny!

Aw, cute little red head girl!

                                                           Fritos, are those Fritos?

                                             Everybody appreciates a good close up!

                                    Wow, if I didn't know that was skinny Gail......................


  1. Great set of cycling images.....makes me want to get out on my bike... I'm really jealous of that good weather you have to cycle in...

    1. Yes it is very nice out here right now. It will be over a 100 pretty soon! :-)