Saturday, March 21, 2015

Good Ride Saturday SART

What goes through a rider's mind? This is always so puzzling to me. Myself? I know there are faster stronger riders out there so when I get passed, I'd feel like a fool trying to pretend that I was "stronger". First of all, if a rider catches me from a mile behind, he caught me for a reason, he's faster, simple fact!

Happened to us on Saturday. FTR, I'm doing the pull the entire time, holding a pace that is good for Gina. Heading into the wind I see a rider far ahead. NO, I ma not trying to catch him, again I am setting a pace for Gina. Something to give her a workout but something she can handle since she is the slowest of our group. We end up catching the guy doing our pace. Not once did I try to lift the pace. We begin to pass, there are 5 of us. the first 3 pass then the guy lifts the pace. He won't let Mike and to pass, he hugs and crowds their sides. A bit later he ends up at the rear. OK,no problem but why not let us all pass safely then hop on the rear?

He sucks wheel for 2 miles then sprints around. OK ha ha! He gets about 30 yards ahead and after "MAYBE" 1/4 mile the wind hits his ass and he's fading fast ha ha! I'm just laughing and tell Gina, uh another one of those riders ha ha! Naturally I'm going to roll up on the guy again. Though his sprint did not impress me, I will say I was impressed with his kit, very impressive!

He's looking back again and again to see where we are. We roll right by him one of those tiny little inclines of the underpass. A little short 10 yard incline but he made it look like he was climbing Baldy Road ha ha!

As I was rolling by he looked back and sort of shouted, "SHIIIIIT!!". Uhh OK ha ha! He gave it one last kick then faded to the back of the line once again. Then he sat there for a good 6 miles sucking wheel. Once we hit the last stretch to the coast he sprinted around once again ha ha!

I just figured, wow what a poser! I guess I wasn't he only one who noticed his silliness. When he sprinted around I noticed Jose was on his wheel. Few seconds later Mike goes flying by too! I know these guys are going to embarrass his ass ha ha!

So they pull away and soon enough I see the guy fade as Mike and Jose ride by, he hops a wheel but can;t keep up ha ha! So then Gina says go ahead, go chase him if you want, I'll meet you at the coast. Nah, it's more fun when Gina passes them too! I tell her just keep our pace and we'll pass him once again anyway. Sure enough about 1/2 mile before the coast he sees us coming up once again then starts bobbing his head hard on his bike. Umm that's not going to help you ha ha! Again he can't keep the pace, the guys are way ahead and the girls are now passing you to ha ha!

Oh well, it was a valiant effort but the foolish look on his face was entertainment enough for me when the girls rolled by him...once again! :-P

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