Sunday, July 26, 2015

More Tandem SART

Another nice ride on the tandem. 35 miles at 17.1 average. Nice day and lots of chicks at the coast., Not that I was looking! :-P Ran into Steve at the coast, 76 year old inline skater/racer dude. He took 4 first place wins in his age group this year. Getting ready for another race in November! Also showing up for a little breather was Frank and his huge calves. Dude has some rocks! :-O

                                            Got some help into the wind from Spider Man! :-P

                                                                      76 year old Steve!

                                                           Frank and his Rocks!

OK, is that a tat or uhhh?

                       I don't usually get a clear view of the landing strip, but when I do......:-P

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